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1: HD 580 : For Open and when noise is at miminal outside
2. Beyer DT-831s: For closed when lots of construction is going on and my wife getting upset about hearing the leakage of the 580's!
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1. Alessandro MS-1 - I luv them, any vocals on this is just too perfect
2. Senn HD580 - For everything BUT vocals
3. Senn HD497 - Good all around, I still use these for gaming
4. KSC-75 - Great portable! Who says they are ugly???
5. E2C - Not a big fan of the sound, even when equilized
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1. Senn HD595
2. Grado SR60 - luv the fun sound
3. Sony MDR-E888LP, Senn PX100
4. Senn MX500
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1. HD580 (Oehlbach) - in terms of sonic quality, the clear winner of my cans. Bests the 595 with a velvet-smooth midbass through midrange to lower treble (without grain), extended highs, better detail, bass impact, and a more refined presentation. (From my description it does seem like a big difference compared to the 595, but realistically, the 595 is nearly as good). When using the stock cable however, the 580 is not as good as the 595.

2. HD595 - in terms of enjoyment, this would be #1. It has a certain quality to it that makes music more fun to listen to. It is very involving (envelops you in sound), comfortable, and something that can be listened to for hours without fatigue. My only (extremely minor) complaints include a little grain in the mids and lower treble and despite the fact that there's plenty of bass and it extends nicely, there isn't enough bass impact - for instance a bass drum sounds too "polite."

3. HD25-1 (Stock HD580 Cable) - when isolation is important

4. KSC-75 - I don't miss my Grado's thanks to these (ok... they're no Grado headphone but they come reasonably close and are just as fun and I can't help but smile when I think about what I paid for them)

5. PX200 - I'm one of the lucky ones who can get a great seal - LOADS of bass. Mids are honky and the highs roll off pretty dramatically, but for really portable closed phones that offer some minor isolation, I can accept the shortcomings. The honkiness and the highs can be fixed with EQ. I smile too when I remember that I only paid $29 for them.

6. MX400 - Just a great ultra-portable solution. They sound pretty good flat, but a little EQ can add some nice bass presence and make them sound like full-sized cans. I don't need to say anything about the price
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1. Sennheiser HD-580 - I got these after the ATH-A900's, they sound a whole lot better. If I could completely silenced my computer and my roommates i'd enjoy them a ton more.
2. Audio-Technica ATH-A900 - the isolation is a plus up at college.
3. Audio-Technica ATH-FC7 - they sound alright, but are very uncomfortable to me after long periods of time. I don't listen to these at all unless I go on vacation.
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Originally Posted by pspivak
I have owned Stax for a number of years. I have never heard of an SR-5 GOLD edition. Please explain.
They made this headphone as a "special edition" around 1985 at the jubilee of 25 years SR-1 (The first electrostatic headphone of the world). It's basically the 1975 design SR-5 with a refined diaphragm (2 Micrometer instead of 5 Micrometer) and all metal parts are gold covered. The white plastic parts have been replaced with black plastic parts. It has been produced until the end of the old Stax and was the ultimate choice for an audiophile until the Orpheus showed up (around 1991 ?). Nowadays you can find them very often on german eBay for not much money.
This is a normal SR-5: SR-5
This is the gold edition: SR-5 Gold
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Here's my current ranking based on overall enjoyment, not technical accuracy.

1. Grado PS-1/bowls
2. Grado RS-1/flats
3. Senn HD-650/Zu
4. Grado HP-1/flats

They're all really good, and on any given day the order can be completely different. The RS-1 gets the most use because my iRiver can drive it directly - very handy at work.

Too new to rank, but very nice so far: Beyer DT-880.
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1.1 beyerdynamic dt880
1.2 sennheiser hd650
3. beyerdynamic dt440
5. sennheiser px200
6. sony mdr-ex71sl
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1. Alessandro ms-1 - great for rock/metal
2. Senn HD555 - allrounder
3. Shure E2 - ok sound for portable use
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MS-1: inside
ATH-CM7ti: outside
PX-100: late movies
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1. Sennheiser HD 650 (with Headphile Silver or Zu Mobius or Silver Dragon)
2. Etymotic ER-4P (modified)
3. Sennheiser HD 600
4. Electrostat 1 (Lambda Pro drivers)
5. Electrostat 2 (Lambda Signature Pro drivers)
6. Sennheiser HD 595
7. Grado SR-225
8. Grado SR-80
9. Beyerdynamic DT 860 (would be maybe 3rd or 6th with EQed lower-treble hump)

Portable department:
1. Etymotic ER-4P (modified)
2. Sennheiser PX 200
3. Sennheiser PX 100
4. Koss PortaPro

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Crappy earbuds that come with different players and remain unused forever
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1 - Alessandro MS-Pro / flats
2 - Sennheiser HD-650 / Oehlbach
3 - Alessandro MS-2i / flats
4 - AKG K-501
5 - Sennheiser HD-25-1
6 - Beyerdynamik DT-531
7 - B&O A8
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1) HP3000
2) K3000
3) PS-1
4) SA5000
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Ok mine will be easy :7

1) HD590
2) E2C
3) MX500
4) MX300
5) Creative Muvo2 earbuds
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