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DT-990 pro
AKG 81 DJ (modded)
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Guess it's time for an update since I've acquired a few more pairs. Ranked in order of my personal preference (my ranking of them technically would change it up a bit):

1) Headphile Grado SR225 w Zeta Flat Port C-Pads
*Honorable mention to HD595 which would have tied @ #1 if I still had them.
2) AKG K271S w Headphile cable
3) Senn HD 600
4) Westone UM1 - soon to be replaced by Grado SR60 which will take over this spot.
5) AKG K26P

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Originally Posted by incognitoedleon View Post
Alright, I'm rolling out the entire lineup. Many have been sold, given away, or stomped into oblivion . The ones with stars get regular use.

1. *Grado SR325i
2. *AKG K501
3. *Sennheiser HD485
4. Sennheiser HD595
5. Grado SR60
6. *Panasonic HTX7
7. Koss KSC75
8. Philips SHP895
9. AKG K240S
10. *Philips HP250
11. Sony MDR-D66SL Eggos [Modded]
12. Sennheiser HD201
13. JVC Marshmallows
14. Creative EP630
15. Sony XD400
16. Philips SHL9500
17. Sennheiser HD25SP
18. AKG K26P
19. Panasonic HJE50
You like the HD485 better than the HD595? Wow... Never seen that before!
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Time for an insane-o-crazy ranking of all the headphones I've owned (based on overall satisfaction (including price, comfort, looks, etc), not just sheer sound quality):

1) Audio-Technica W5000
2) Sony SA5000
3) Beyer DT990 2005 250ohm
4) Senn HD650 (Zu cable)
5) Grado RS1
6) Sony CD3000
7) Senn HD650 (stock or Cardas cable)
8) Beyer DT831 (modded)
9) Beyer DT531
10) Beyer DT880 2003
11) Senn HD600
12) AKG K271S (Zu cable)
13) Beyer DT831 (stock)
14) Shure E5c
15) Beyer DT770pro 80ohm
16) AKG K271S (stock)
17) AKG K270S
18) Senn HD590
19) Grado SR325
20) Senn HD201
21) UE Metro.fi 2
22) Koss KSC75
23) Beyer DT770pro 250ohm
24) AKG K26P
25) Ultrasone HFI-700
26) Senn MX400
127) Aiwa HP-X222
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Originally Posted by fraseyboy View Post
You like the HD485 better than the HD595? Wow... Never seen that before!
The HD595 can sound a little sterile at times. It also gets congested in certain passages of music. The HD595 is easily the better headphone in all respects, but the HD485 is just more fun to listen to. I ranked it higher on my personal scale because I enjoy them more. While they work with many types of music reasonably well, they wouldn't be my first choice for anything. So that's why they've fallen out of use and out of favor with me.
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1a. AKG K701 with EQing via foobar (bass and midbass boosted, 4-6kHz peak flattened)
1b. DIY Headphones (sounds great but uncomfortable)
2. AKG K701 (stock)
3. Senn HD650 (veiled because some frequencies have been "deleted" by Senn)
4. Shure E4c (lacks sub-bass)
5. Koss UR40
6. Ety ER4S
7. Ety 6i
8. Shure E3c
9. Shure E2c
10. Grado RS-1 (does lower midrange and bass superb, but nothing else)
11. Grado SR225 (i liked it until i heard the better stuff, and realized that music didn't have to be harsh)
12. Bunch of generic and Boss headphones
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This list include what I have owned and still own.

1. Beyerdynamic DT770/80
2. Grado SR80
2. Shure E2g
4. AKG K240M
5. Bunch of generic Philips, Sony, Koss and buds.

I have the DT880/-03 coming, and I believe it will match my warm SOHA pretty well, thus, will become my no1...
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Ranking based on amping them with RSA "M" Hornet:

1 - Sennheiser HD650 (stock cable)
2 - Sennheiser HD595
3 - Grado SR-60 (modded with metal grills and no dots)
4 - Sennheiser HD485
5 - Sennheiser PX-100
6 - AKG K81DJ (defoamed and blu-tack modded but still too much lowbass, not for me)
7 - Ibuds
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Well, I'll rank these based on what get's listened to most:

1. Stax Sigma non-pro
2. Stax Lambda Professional

Okay, so I'm new to this hobby! Both are listened to via a Stax SRM1 MKII
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1.0 / AKG K701 ~stock cable
1.1 / Senn HD650 ~Moon Audio Silver Dragon
1.2 / Senn HD650 ~Cardas
1.3 / beyerdynamic DT880 ~stock
5.0 / Senn 595 ~stock / gaming cans
6.0 / Senn HD540 Ovation II ~Cardas

Among the first four there is no clear winner imo, just depends on the source recording and my mood at the time.

The 595s coupled with the DeskTop amp and a coax feed make the XBox 360 console gaming experience very realistic to my ears.

The 540s are old but very comfortable and non-fatiguing with any 2ch or multichannel source.
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I find these the same as far as how they rank. They both are awsome.

Beyerdynamic DT880
Grado SR80
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Grado RS-1
AKG K701
Sennheiser HD25-1
Grado SR60
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Using the rig in my sig:


k501 (gotta leave extra space because it's just so unbalanced!!!)
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All of my 'phones have their Pro's and Con's, so it is a bit hard to choose.
But they end up in the following order:
1. Stax SR-007 (Omega II)
2. Stax Lambda Pro
3. Stax SR-X/MK3

Based on sound quality only, powered by a Stax SRM-007t.
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1. HD580
2. MS1
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