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1) MDR CD380
3) MDR G74SL
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Well this is easy.

1. Sennheiser HD595
2. Sennheiser PX100

I've owned MBQuart QP240 and those would be 2.
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Here Is my ranking of current phones:

Sure E3c
Sennheiser HD 570

Huhhh this was a difficult choice!!!

Greetings Marco
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Beyerdynamic DT770
Grado 125s
When I first got my Grados they were my number one phone,but after getting the Beyers I find that I listen to them more.
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Originally Posted by Yikes
rank your headphones that you own and use regularly.
Please don’t list or rank headphones that you use to own or that you have tried.
Grado SR325 - 70%
Sennheiser HD650 - 30%
Stax SR-001 MkII - portable
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1) sr225
2) er6
3) e888
4) sportapro
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Taking both my wife's and my own cans:

9.5/10. Sony MDR SA5000: unbeatable for classical, jazz, vocals, guitar. Upper treble very "alive" (unbeatable?) and detail that to me surpasses even my etys. Bass goes very low. Superb stereo separation and not bad soundstage. Comfort is excellant with no need to seek a break yet. I only gave these babies a 9.5 score because there must be something better out there that I have not heard.

9.2/10. MS-pros: unbeatable for heavy rock. Bass slam that can be so good it hurts! Great detail. Sound signature that seems to add bass because of that mid bass hump. What's soundstage? Comfort is better than the MS-2 because of a better headband and lighter weight. Three hours is common without problem for me.

9/10 MS-2. Hard to fault with rock. Very fast and almost indistinguishable from MS-pros in terms of dynamics and sound. Slightly clearer in classical to my ears but maybe very slightly less character in hard rock (ms-pros have wood after all). Three hours max in the comfort meter stakes because my wife won't let me bend the headband.

8.5/10. Etymotic 4P/4S. To me there is not a big deal about the P/S difference. In general I prefer the 4P configeration. Great detail. Bass that is good and well defined but not overpowering (some call this recessed). No bass in noisy environments though (ambient bass can overpower the etys). Upper treble is good but cannot compare to the Sony SA5000 by any measure. Foamies give great comfort for me, six hours no problem. When listening in a very quite room these are truely great cans.

6.6/10. Sony MDR888 earbuds. Fantastic musicality and for earbuds they are my favourites. Good treble and bass for earbuds. Positioning is tricky and they move when you do... falling out sometimes...

5.5/10. Sharp MD33 canalphones. Good sound. Great comfort. My favourite cycling cans. Acceptable detail and musicality.

5/10. Portapros. Not really balanced frequency response. But comfortable and capable of powerful bass. A bit wearing after a while because of the bass. No real wow factor once you get over the bass thing.

4/10. Sony EX71. Good for comfort. Great single note bass. No upper treble I can find. Adequate at best.

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To me, this is like ranking apples and tomatoes and bananas. I love banana bread. I don't want an apple on my steak and cheese sub, and I don't want a tomato pie. But I love them all.

For moving around:

1. Shure E3 w/ triple flange

For sitting still in a noisy environment:

1. Ety ER4 w/ triple flange

For sitting still in a quiet environment:

1. Grado SR 225
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1) DT-880
2) ER-6i
3) ATH-EM7
and forget the rest
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Another easy list, although the last two aren't tooo far apart.

Beyer DT880
AKG 240S
Koss KSC-75
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Originally Posted by saint.panda
Based on panache factor from best to worst:

AKG K1000

Ultrasone HFI 650/*700
*Beyerdynamic DT 880
AKG K271
Audio Technica A900
*Sennheiser HD 580 Jubilee
Sennheiser HD 650
*Stax SR-404
Philips HS900

*Previously owned
Tao, did you really prefer ulstrasone way way above dt880, hd650 and stax 404 - or did I get the numbers upside down ?
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IME - headphones i owned.
from best to worst

1) Sennheiser HD650 with ZU
2) Grado HP-1
3) Alessandro MS2
4) Sony CD 3000
5) Grado SR 325
6) AKG K501
7) ATH W1000
8) Beyerdynamics DT770
9) Koss Porta Pro
10) Sennheiser PX 200
11) Sony V6
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Originally Posted by screwdriver
IME - headphones i owned.
from best to worst

1) Sennheiser HD650 with ZU
2) Grado HP-1
3) Alessandro MS2
4) Sony CD 3000
5) Grado SR 325
6) AKG K501
7) ATH W1000
8) Beyerdynamics DT770
9) Koss Porta Pro
10) Sennheiser PX 200
11) Sony V6
point made
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1) Sennheiser HD650 (w/Zu and Headphile XLR) - For as long as I've been in this hobby, I've been a Senn guy. The sound is just so warm, full and smooth to me.
2) Sony MDR-SA5000 - Wow, the clarity of the sound is quite eye opening. The highest compliment? Made me rethink whether I was indeed a Senn guy.
3) Grado SR325i - There are some music and some amps that I just don't like with this, but otherwise it's an incredibly fun, forward headphone. The sound is bright and punchy without being sibilant.
4) Sony MDR-CD3000 - I don't listen to this nearly enough and I suspect that if I did, it might creep up to #3. Haven't place my finger on how to describe the sound. Everyone says they're bright and I agree, but they also have a liquidity to the sound.
5) Beyerdynamic DT531 - The "groovalizers" is an appropriate name. Very smooth, warm sound with good bass. Not quite as detailed as the cans above.
6-tie) Beyerdynamic DT250-250 - Currently my closed cans of choice. The sound is dark and easy to listen to.
6-tie) Audio Technica ATH-A900 - Formerly my closed cans of choice. They sound a little honky in comparison to the CD3k and DT250 but they're solid all-around performers and are easy to drive.
8) Sennheiser HD25-1 - Very light which makes them ideal for portable use. I haven't tried the cable upgrade yet but I plan to. The sound is punchy and crisp.
9) KSC-35 - While they may be #9 on my list, I strongly believe they represent the best value on this list. I'm continually amazed by the sound out of these cheap cans. Some say the bass is sloppy but I think it's perfect.
10) Sony MDR-V6 - One of my first high quality headphones. They are a little bright and sibilant for extended use but they do have a wow factor for those new to the hobby
11) Shure e3c - When I upgraded from the e2c, it was like a veil was lifted over the sound. You do lose some bass, but it's actually not bad at all with an amp.
12) Sennheiser MX400 - Ridiculously good sound for $15. Nuff said.
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Ety ER-4P - My favorites for sound quality. I use these mostly as my portables.
Grado SR125 - I listen with these at hoome when using my computer as source.
Sony MDR-F1 - I like these while watching DVDs, especially on the treadmill.

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