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What do you like about the HAMT-1 that puts it above the HD800 in your mind?

One more note to add. Actually I was quite disappointed by the sound out of the box, because the bass was disorderly, the mid-range was plagued by emptiness and the treble was constricted. I was so disappointed that I voiced my discontent to the vendor, who said it would need 300 - 600 hours of run-in time to exhibit its normal performance. So I keep burning it in using my STS Burn-in CD. To my relief and excitement, HAMT-1 keeps improving and improving. I would say it reaches a settling phase at 700 - 800 hours, making itself an adorable headphone.


Anyway, it may be a matter of personal preference to rank HAMT-1 above HD800, no absolute right or wrong. Do you own both headphones? Let me know how you think. Thanks.

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I do not own an HAMT-1, but I have an acquaintance who's considering purchasing a pair. It may not really be worth the trouble right now, since there's no established U.S. distribution and it's hard to find many thorough impressions of the model. I find them fascinating, but I would have to hear them myself to consider buying a set.

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1. Grado PS1000e

2. Audeze LCD-X

3. Audeze LCD-XC


Thinking about getting a LCD-3 which will definitely take the top spot if I make the purchase. 

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1.  Bowers and Wilkins P 7


2. NAD Viso HP 50

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