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1. Audioquest Nighthawk (favorite headphones I've yet owned. Love the dark tonality.)
2. Woodied grado sr225e (first grados and I love them to death. Great complimentary phones, and great when you just want to kick back and enjoy the music.)
3. Ultrasone signature pro (best bass I've ever heard in a headphone. Unfortunately that is the only thing is like about them.)
4. Shure se215 (great ergonomics and isolation with decent sound. Like how these are tuned.)
5. Sony xb950 (the beat around pair. Not bad sound... But not good either.)
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1. PSB M4U1 (Objectively, these are really good. But they're making me realize how much I like the Ety IEM signature these days. On the hunt for new closed back cans.)


2. Some old Sennys I got for $20



On the way:

Oppo PM-3 (loaner)

M-Audio HDH-50

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1.) Audioquest Nighthawk

2.) AKG K712 Pro

3.) Beyerdynamic DT 150

4.) Sennheiser HD 650

5.) Beyerdynamic DT 440

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1. Audeze LCD-2 v2

2. Alpha Dog

3. Grado SR225i

4. HD 558

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1. Sennheiser HD650

2. Shure SE425

3. Audio Technica ATH-M50X

4. Some Bose cans

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Folks, I've found your rankings and comments very helpful.  When I know a couple of cans on the list, together with comments, I can imagine what it may be like to audition the others on a head-fier's list.  I'm looking to add to my collection with a planar magnetic for the precise and deep bass (but you'll see my preferred sound signature is on the bright side); a bluetooth (the V-Moda Wireless with an evidently slightly brightened M-100 sound is intriguing) and an open or semi-open that's comfortable for long at-desk use.  That may be the Beyerdynamic DT 880 600 ohm, based on your listings.  But first -- I have to get my wife to sell the house.  :D  


My ranking:


1. Grado RS-1 (open, foam pads over-ear).  Admittedly, the allure of the wood cups sold me, initially, with the promise of being better sound than the Grado SR-80s I already owned. The RS-1 is surely better.  (At six times the price, huh, you'd hope so.)  Several months of ecstasy.  But I no longer hear these as the highest fidelity cans ever. Main benefit: it fulfills my needs for an "edge" to Pete Townsend guitar and Maynard Ferguson-like brass.  I also like the sense that the bass is "tight" but have come to realize that I'm trading off a bit in experiencing depth and resonance to that bass when using these.  Ergonomically, they are light, but headband is not comfy.  Amazingly good right out of an iPhone 4s, but scale with a greater authority to the sound when amped.


2.  AKG Q701 (Quincy Jones), velour pads over ear.  Since retailers seem to be clearing these out and I got them recently, definitely my highest-value buy.  I think of these as the highest-fidelity I own, but they don't come to life until attached to one of my Schiit amps (Asgard 2 the best of them) and the volume knob is turned up.  (That worries me a bit, I try not to overdo it.)  I love the ease with which they cover-yet-float on my ears.  But, as noted often by other owners, those bumps on the top band can cut a listening session short compared to how long my ears would like to continue.  Maybe I can get my step-daughter to re-purpose a cat's sweater to cover that headband.  (Don't sneeze, she has a Sphinx cat, no fur.  See?  Not so crazy.)


3.  NAD Viso HP50, closed, provides 3-button/mic cable, works with V-Moda's boom mic (yay!).  My least-preferred sound signature of the top 3 but the most comfortable top-of-head experience; doesn't bother wife in bed (good isolation for passive); works as well with iPhone 4s as it does amped (somewhat strangely, but it is rated at 32 ohm, so evidently this impression of mine could be "true.")  Many skilled listeners think the NAD is great with an intended roll-off to the treble that is ideal.  I want more treble, 'nuff said.  Tweaking EQ on Sandblaster E5 that "lives" on the bed stand helps but doesn't achieve perfection for me.  Here in Florida, leather-like ear pads can get hot after an hour even in AC.  I wonder if I can replace pads with Shure Alcantara, anybody know?


4.  Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear (original).  Super-comfortable Alcantara pads, headband fine once stretched a bit.  My portable go-to, lots of fun right out of iPhone with a U-shaped rise in mid-bass and mid-treble, gets my feet to moving as they should.  Pairs with SB E5 dac/amp similarly.  Handsome ivory-brown and not humongous.  Given that I KNOW these are not as faithful to "true" sound, I'm amazed at how much fun I have with these when walking - but they disappoint as soon as I sit down and plug them into a Schiit, say the Vali. Clearly not faithful to "true" sound.  So I guess my needs change when (a) in motion and/or (b) I'm upping volume to counter outside noises.  Any future Bluetooth cans would have to give me this same fun feeling before replacing these as my portables.


5.  Grado SR-80.  Reading up on these after being impressed by them is what turned me from a speaker-only listener to a person who hunted for a better HP experience.  A good quest.  Had not realized that a reasonably priced (under $100) HP could be: dynamic driver; airy sound; crisp treble yet undeniable bass, although more tight than deep and resonant.  Essentially RS-1 "light", as I later discovered.


6.  Plantronics Backbeat Bluetooth in-ear.  Flabby bass, decent mids, treble.  Essentially replaced by the Momentum On-ear.


7.  Sony V-6 circa 1980.  The HP that kept me from investigating other HP for decades.  Tin can sound: no air, reedy treble, flabby bass.  Comfortable though, until ears get hot.


Once owned Audio-Technica electret HP ("electret" is different/less costly than electrostatic). These AT used a converter box to be run off the speaker-amp output of (at the time) my receiver.  Grado-like mid and treble cloud-like experience, very fine.  But lacking true bass, pricy and the opposite of portable, umm, let's call it... troll-like stability, hunkered under the receiver.  But what these were capable of, compared to the failings of the Sony above, had me convinced that dynamic driver HP wouldn't achieve that lovely airy sound, by definition.  So you can perhaps see why the Grado SR-80 discovery a couple of years ago literally turned my head.


Between the Sony V-6 and the Grado SR-80s I experimented with low-cost in ears.  A Shure version was nice but self-destructed way too soon for their price tag.  Cheap Denons were a value-buy sonically (discount shelf at Wal-Mart! Whaddaya know!) but didn't have tips that worked well in my ears.  Other IEM not worth mentioning.


So now I'm on head-fi and having fun.  Thanks folks!

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1. Etymotic ER4s
By far my favorite. Long time Ety user, finally made the leap to the big guns.

2. Etymotic MC3
Noticeably compressed sound vs ER4 but same Ety signature and isolation.

3. RHA ma350
Fun low cost IEM. Great design, good sound.

4. future sonics atrio
Still have an old pair of the original Atrio. Decent fun sound with foamies.

5. PSB M4U1
"Objectively" these should be ranked #2, most likely. But they just sound too boomy and sloppy in the bass frequencies to me. And they're enormous

6. UE super.fi 5
Super old, recently found them. Not such a big fan anymore.

7. Some old Senny closed ears I bought for $30 15 years ago
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