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  1. HIFIMAN HE-400i
  2. AKG K240 STUDIO
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Originally Posted by Oregonian View Post

Sold a number of headphones in prep for a "flagship summer" -


HE-6 by far my best




Ultrasone Performance 840

M Audio Q40


This after having 11 on hand as recently as a week ago.................

Yet another adjustment -



HE-400 - yes, fed from speaker taps like my HE-6 with the exact same mods (open grill, Vegan pads, Lohb's suspension headband mod) they are very close to the HE-6




Phillips X1

Ultrasone Performance 840 - with the Cayin S5 driving, it's the best portable basshead combo I've tried yet

M Audio Q40

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Grado RS1i / Grado PS500e   tie

Sony MDR Z7

Beyerdynamic DT880

Yamaha HPH 200

Sennheiser Amperior

Sennheiser HD 25 1 ii

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ooh, ok. so:


1. Beyerdynamic DT-880 (i've had these for like a day but they are so much more comfortable and sound better than anything else i've had)

2. Grado SR80i (really good sound, but they are really poorly built..)

3. ATH-M50 (sound degraded really fast for some reason...)

4. Sony MDR-7506 (i hated these. idk why, since everyone else loved them, but they were so tinny and crap sounding to me)


also earbuds, for the heck of it:


1. AKG Q350 (really good sounding for earbuds. nice, heavy bass, and great sound isolation. exactly what i want while on the bus and stuff.)

2. new apple earbuds (sound pretty OK, actually. not terrible.)

3. old apple earbuds (kill me please. god they are so bad)

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1.  Sennheiser HD 800, Electrostat 1, Electrostat 2

2.  AKG K 701

3.  Sennheiser HD 650

4.  Sennheiser HD 600

5.  Sennheiser HD 595

6.  Sennheiser HD 238


Some of my IEMs would rough up the list, but since this thread is about headphones...

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Originally Posted by dwayniac View Post

My dual driver IEM rankings

1.TTPOD T1. Good balance. Prefer it for jazz because of its soundstage but it's my first choice as an all rounder for use with my iBasso DX50.

2. Narmoo S1. Bass is perfect though treble can be a bit much with some genres.

3. CoreCool V2. I like the build and detachable cables but the bass is bloated and treble is rolled off too much. Doesn't sound right with tips that decrease bass. It does sound better with the Fiio X1 than the DX50 though.

4. Brainwavz R3. Very wide soundstage but lacks the bass that the TTPOD T1 has.

Another dual driver IEM arrived soooo....

2. Narmoo S1
3. GranVela VJJB V1. Vertical drivers like the T1,which I like because of the fit and comfort. Look and build is good. Sounds similar to the CoreCool V2 but with bass that is not as bloated. Good value for $26.
4. CoolCore V2
5. Brainwavz R3
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1.) denon ah-d2000

2.) sennheiser hd650

3.) phillips fidelio x1 (sold)

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