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I feel like I could change the order every couple of months. Here's my current one.



  1. Sennheiser HD 700
  2. Sennheiser HD 600
  3. Grado SR325is
  4. AKG K702 65th Anniversary Edition
  5. Sennheiser PX 100-II
  6. Koss PortaPro
  7. Audio-Technica AD700



  1. Shure SRH940
  2. Sony MDR-1R
  3. Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro



  1. Sony XBA-3


The HE-400 and Amperior have come off the list and been sold on account of them not having a place in my collection. Looking to try and add an HD 800, HD 650, D7000, MS-Pro, and SE535 this year at some point.

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The HE-400 and Amperior have come off the list and been sold on account of them not having a place in my collection. Looking to try and add an HD 800, HD 650, D7000, MS-Pro, and SE535 this year at some point.


Going for the whole Sennheiser lineup huh? :beerchug:

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1. Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro 250ohms

2. Sennheiser HD 598

3. Audio-Technica M50s

4. Shure SE-215 (In ears are uncomfortable for me)

5. Creative Fatal1ty Headset

6. STAX SR-009  (JUST KIDDING!  Don't own these and I'm sure they'd be at least number 2 :P)

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Originally Posted by Gnomeplay View Post

Going for the whole Sennheiser lineup huh? beerchug.gif

I will say I never planned on liking the HD 600 from the way it was described, but I took a chance and it paid off surprisingly well. The HD 700 was exactly the same. I guess there's a certain amount of faith Sennheiser given me. Still, the only alliance I have is to my ears.
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Havent heard much, but will try my best

1.Audio Technica ES700(but sound poor on bright songs)

2.Sennheiser HD25-1 and Audio Technica WS33X

4. Sennheiser HD595 and Brainwavz HM5

6. Superlux HD668B(have harsh treble)

7. AKG K518LE

8. VModa Crossfade LP2

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1. SennGrado (PX100 driver in walnut cups)

2. SR325is

3. MDR V6

4. SR80i

5. KSC75 (Hiflight mods)

6. HTF600

7. KSC35




1. DN1000

2. BA200

3. CX215

4. SHE3590

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Top four:


1: Sony DR-Z7:


--Simply incredible. Insane transients that make everything sound organic and real, absolutely ruthlessly revealing and extremely transparent/neutral, impact not only in the bass but throughout the entire sound spectrum, and completely devoid of harshness, etch, or noise. All in a small, supra-aural, foldable package. Almost entirely constructed of die-cast aluminum; easily the best built headphone I've ever held. Timeless styling. Excellent isolation. On the downside they have no soundstage with most material and aren't super comfortable for long (3+ hour) sessions. These headphones are a completely different beast from anything else I've heard, it feels like there's nothing between me and the music, even without a dedicated DAC or amp. I'm almost scared to think about what these could do out of a world class rig. 




2: Fostex TH600:


--My "fun" cans. While the Z7 is better in every area except soundstage, these still see a lot of use, mostly with music that doesn't have the best production values in the world. They have a very enjoyable, bassy tonality with flat-line treble extension and a very wide, deep soundstage. Some bass impact, but nothing like the Zs. They have a bit of splash and hiss on the treble caused by a lack of control; it'd probably improve with better amplification but nothing can eliminate it. Keep in mind this is all relative to the Z7; these headphones are aeons ahead of most of the other things I've heard. Extremely comfortable, big and beautiful. 



3: Pioneer SE-500 (modded):


--I honestly do not know why these are still on here, but for whatever reason these headphones are still listenable. They don't have bass, at all, and they're kind of splashy, but what they do have is a ridiculously smooth sound with razor flat treble extension and an amazing crispness to the sound that's extremely pleasing to the ears. Excellent soundstage and imaging, though a bit restricted in width. They're bright, but in a very special way, and I adore them. Amazing for metal. Plasticy build, clamp like a bitch, thin pads. Gorgeous.



4: Sony MDR-605 (modded):


--My beaters, and portables of choice. These are the consumer version of the Sony MDR-F1, and have a very good, VERY good soundstage, with a slightly warm, natural tonal balance and pleasing bass. Not the most detailed thing in the world but still quite good with nice treble extension. Unfortunately they are extremely rare, likely due to sounding like complete garbgage in stock form. Sony crammed a lot of frontwave damping on it to make it bassier, at the cost of everything else. Removing it gets rid of the nasty bass bloom and opens up the sound, giving it air and spaciousness as well as nice, crisp treble. You may be curious why a fully open headphone is my portable of choice, and that's because I hang out with friends a lot and this way I can hear everything around me. A bit meh on the build side, but good for a featherlight design. Pretty interesting looks wise, but kind of silly on the head.



Nothing else sees any use, save for one more honorable mention:




--Extremely underrated. These headphones have decay similar to the Zs and are generally very very clean sounding with extremely impactful bass and good imaging and soundstaging. However, the tonality is borderline veiled. They're very heavily colored as the driver topology was designed for vocal monitoring. Most people won't be very pleased with it, which is why they have such a bad reputation. However they isolate unlike anything else, so these are my other portables, used for when I can afford to keep everything outside at bay. Big and beautiful. Good build.


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1. Beyerdynamic T1

2. Audez'e LCD 2.2

3. Fostex TH900

4. Hifiman HE500

5. Senn HD598

6. ATH M50

7. Grado SR80i


This would be in order of preference. Very close, especially the top 3 sound quality wise.

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I'm back and I'm much farther into this hobby than I would have liked to have been at this point in time


1.Sennheiser HD800: This... is an amazing experience that has everything I've ever wanted in a pair of cans

(tied)2. Beyerdynamic Dt250: after quite alot of burnin (around 40 something) and a little bit of modding these things are excellent for whenever I need to quench my hip-hop fix or when I need extensive amounts of isolation.

(tied)2.Shure srh840:the excess amount of detail and great (although a bit thin) soundstage makes this great for whenever I need to play some games, or when I want a very neutral experience

(tied)2.Grado Sr60i: when I got these cans I was very pleasantly surprised to how wonderful the grado signature sound is and how portable these cans are

3. Denon Hp700: anyone who knows me knows I love these things to death for how well they can do everything with a very neutral approach while being very portable, but without much Isolation, while still being able to give off a sun sound if need be (via eq)



1. Klipsch X10: my favorite because of the excellent detailing that I can't get with any other IEM

2.Monster Gratitude: nice pretty pair of IEMs that are sometimes comfy




Due to death:

1. HD439: this poor peppy pair of cans was amazingly fun not only to listen to, but also to mod, it was what got me here to this point, and I'm truly grateful to have bought it.


Due to being in mod/workshop:

1.AKG K240 SEXTETT: in for a nice cleaning/refresh on parts, and is here for a recable

2.Audio-technica WS-99: in for a headband and resoldering fix


Due to being en route/Kickstart:

1.Piston 2.0: was a large recommendation from the discovery thread (also I'm a science nerd so I find it pretty cool:D )

2.Velodyne Vfree: free bluetooth headphones

3.Aurisonic Rockets: looks great at a very nice price

4.Decibullz: great concept, need a pair of CIEMs

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1. AKG Q701 (But, ONLY w/ the bass port sticker removed!) - LOVE these for BF4!!

2. Grado SR325i - I LOVED these for music since I listen to mostly pop/rock. Sadly, they died. :(


3. Audio Technica A900X (w/ Hifiman Velour pads) - LOVE these for LAN parties!!

4. Beyerdynamic DT880 Premium 600 Ohm - Positional audio fail, return!

5. Vsonic GR07 MK2 - Still searching for tips that don't fall out.


6. Sennheiser HD580 - Stolen, but ultimately boring.

7. Sennheiser HD380 - A900X was better.

8. Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 250 Ohm - A900X was better.

9. Sony V6 - DT770 was better.


10. UE Triple.Fi 10 - Stolen, never really happy w/ vocals on these.

11. Etymotic ER6i - Broke, great clarity, no bass.

12. Sennheiser PX200 - My running headphones.

13. Klipsch S4A - My backup IEM's.

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1: Sennheiser HD650 (perfect)

2: Sennheiser HD558 (nearly perfect)

3: Sony XBA-30's (noisy cable, almost nearly perfect)

4: Razer Tiamat 2.2 (BOOM! GAME! HEADSHOT! (my dirty pleasure headphones)

5: Sennheiser HD280Pro (too damn warm, use for editing in studio) 

6: Everything else. 

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HD800 (worth the money, for many reasons)

K701 (fantastic headphones, these sound so damn good, it's my personal best buy ever, so well worth the money, you can get these for ...)

HD595 (my first good sounding headphones, still love these)

HD600 (these are OK, but for me, just OK nothing more, for some reason I found them being not that involving ...)

HD650 (had some issues with head band, I couldn't wear these for longer that 15 minutes, sold them nearly b.new only for that reason)




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Originally Posted by samsung View Post

DT880 600 Ohm - Good not great, needs more bass smily_headphones1.gif
you need the he4, aka super dt880
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After my newest purchase and recent modding-


Joint 1st - NAD VISO HP50 / Hifiman HE400 with Jergpad mod

Joint 2nd - Sennheiser HD598 / Yamaha HPH-200

Joint 3rd - Koss Sportapro on KSC75 clips/Grado SR80 (modded)
4th - AKG K240 DF (would be near the top if they had more bass presence)
5th - Koss KSC75 on Sportapro headband
6th - Koss Portapro

7th - KRK KNS8400
8th - Beyerdynamic DT231 Pro



1st - Superlux HD381F

2nd - Xiaomi Piston 2.0

3rd - JVC HA-FX67

4th - Sony MH-1C (If I ever used them, which I don't due to the terrible cable)

5th - Pioneer SE-CLX60

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Originally Posted by ru57y View Post


5: Sennheiser HD280Pro (too damn warm, use for editing in studio) 

Get out.

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