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---- Tier 1

Fostex TH900

Audeze LCD2 R2

Beyerdynamic T1


---- Tier 2

Hifiman HE-500

Audio Technica W1000x

Fischer FA-011LE

Sennheiser HD650


Based on my amount of usage of each headphone. I enjoy the sound of all of them but first tier headphones here get most of the use. I mainly listen to Electronic music, Metal, Jazz, Mainstream pop/Kpop and Classical+Soundtrack

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1) Sennheiser Momentum

2) M-Audio Q40

3) Phonak Audeo PFE 012

4) Bose QC15

5) Sony MDR-NC22


last) apple earbuds lol

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Small upgrade :)


1. HD800

2. Shure SE535 (modded with acoustic filters for more treble)

3. Grado SR125i

4. Momentum

5. HD598

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Wow, tough call!!!  Actually, that's way too hard...   Those I have worth mentioning:   Etymotic HF5, AKG Q701, Beyer 990 600 ohms, Grados SR80s, Sony V6, MDR-EX300SL, Koss UR20..  Ok 3 tiers: 


Top tier (top performers):

Etymotic HF5 and AKG Q701


Mid tier (Good, but not as excellent as above)

Sony V6s, Beyer 990 & Grados SR80s


Bottom tier, decent but not great;

MDR-EX500SL & Koss UR20


Ok...  Here's my ranking.  :)


AKG Q701

Ety HF5 - great sound, but not as comfortable as above

Sony V6 - very good all around!  Top 2 beats in sound though...

Beyer 990 - great comfort, but their coloration sometimes hurt them... (and me)

Grado SR80 - Great! Almost tops 990s, but 300$ vs 100$, can't blame 300$ for sounding a bit better...

Sony EX300SL - 40$ ok

Koss UR20 - 20$ ok

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Instead of headphones that I own, my list consist of headphones I used to own (ex) and still own:
1. Fostex TH600
2. Beyerdynamic DT880 (ex)
3. Sennheiser Momentum over-ear (ex)
4. ATH ESW-9
5 onwards - some cheaper options from AT, Sennheiser, etc that I can't remember their model numbers
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HE 500

ESW9 (Blue Dragon)

TF10 (Null Audio Lune)


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In order of preference:


1) Beyerdynamic T1

2) Sennheiser Momentum

3) AKG K702/Anniversary

4) Sennheiser HD598

5) AKG K242HD

6) AKG K240s

7) JVC HA-S500-Z

8) AKG K550

9) Beyerdynamic DT880 (2003)

10) KOSS KSC-75

11) AKG K271MKii

12) AKG K450

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I have a new addition to my headphone stable


1.) AKG K612 Pro

2.) AKG K240 MKII

3.) Sony MDR-MA900

4.) Sennheiser PX-100 ii

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Alrighty then... here's my updated list.


First, The Fantastic Four:


1: Sony DR-Z6: Oh sweet lord. The only thing I can think of to say is "perfect". Nothing beats this headphone... period.


2: NAD RP18 (Mylar version)(Fostex T50v1 OEM): I can see why people are crazy about these. Very well detailed and excellent sounding orthodynamics, but fall short of the #1 place for a couple reasons. The bass is there but is lacking real oomph and power, and there is this ear-raping effect on the upper midsection and treble regions that sounds quite harsh and aggressive. This is due to the headphone's abnormally high distortion figures in those regions, which are to be expected since these headphones were pushing the absolute limit of what the tech could do at the time; these measure hauntingly similar to the modern-production Audez'e LCD-2 and 3.


3: "Pioneer SE-700RP", a modded Pioneer SE-700: T50RP drivers in an SE-700 shell which has been converted to over-ear. Fully open implementation with minimal damping. Extremely bright and crisp sounding headphones with one of the best soundstage presentations I have ever heard, even when compared to headphones like the HD800. Laser-etched imaging, excellent depth and width. Perfect timbre for every instrument, classical is handled masterfully. Sounds similar to the Sony MDR-SA5000, but warmer and better in every area -- even speed. Consequentially, they are a bit thin and bassless, so are very much a genre-specific headphone.


4: Pioneer SE-500 (modded): Why... why do I still love this headphone? It's bright and bassless, no real soundstage, messed up imaging, kind of lacking upper treble, stupid hard to drive, uncomfortable... and yet it's liquidy smooth and flat, with a delightful snap to the lower treble, and vocals that are so seductive that I can still just lose myself in it. A one sentence summation would be as follows: "the piezoelectric version of an orthodynamic, with electrostatic treble, and the impact of a dynamic."



And... the rest. These rarely get eartime anymore.


5: Sony DR-S7: More of a "Holy absolute SHᴉT, Sony" than anything, but very technically capable headphones with a good if somewhat small soundstage. The best 2-way design I've heard yet, the woofer and tweeter seem to mesh perfectly somehow. Somewhat middy but surprisingly listenable. Incredibly rare, holding on to these for the collector's value.


6: Pioneer SE-700 (restored): Kind of like the SE-500, but not. More like an orthodynamic with more bass and far less treble. Stupid smooth response and low distortion, but kind of lifeless. Not comfortable. Drop dead sexy. HE-6 levels of insensitive. Fragile drivers.


7: KOSS PRO/4AAA (extremely heavily modified): I have torn this headphone apart thousands of times, but the bottom line is this is a nice sounding headphone with an insane amount of bass and raw impact. High end is kind of tizzy and uncontrolled. Soundstage is excellent. Good transients, but lacking microdetail. Think the HD600, then give it bass and isolation.


8: Stanton Dynaphase Sixty (modded): Bassy headphones with a massive soundstage. Kind of sloppy. Massive and heavy. Gorgeous, if somewhat goofy looking on the head.


9: Sony DR-Z5: I'm sorry, but after the Z6 these are just a gross bastardization of the other two DR-Z headphones. Lacks bass and treble almost completely and is INCREDIBLY loose and smeary up top. Lightweight, durable, and pretty. 


10: Beyerdynamic DT1350: I'm sorry, but I just don't see why these are good. What bass is there is thin and loose, the treble is shrieky and hissy, the sound is very closed in, and they lack good attack speed. They also sound worse at low volumes, so while the isolation is great and the fit is extremely stable, they're still not good portables in my opinion.


11: Audio-Technica ATH-M50: I hate these headphones now. The treble is harsh, strident, and hissy. The bass is loose and steeply rolled off. The attack speed is lacking and the sound is very smeary and incoherent. Whoever said these were good was pretty damn stupid if you ask me.


12: KOSS K/6A: Oh my god, if you ever feel like your upgrades are insignificant, try this glorious monstrosity. Typical 60's sound: stupid middy, thin, boxy bass, harshly bright and bloomy midsection, horrible transients, no imaging or soundstage to speak of whatsoever, and mediocre comfort. Completely unlistenable. Built pretty well though and larger than most cans, so they're a good transplant headphone.



Honorable mentions: For one reason or another I can no longer listen to these, be it disrepair or misplacement.


Audio-Technica Signet TK33: Very nice sounding back-electret headphones. Very stat-like. Warm and intimiate with good imaging and very nice soundstaging. Drivable from any speaker amp. Currently in need of earpads, but even without them is extremely comfortable.


KOSS K/6x Plus: My very first headphones. Got from a garage sale for $5 ages ago. Featherlight with INSANELY good durability. Not very comfy. Sound is pretty nice actually, a bit thin with decent transients and good bass and treble. However, the shape of the housing causes an incessent "sound-coming-out-of-a-tin-can" effect that really ruins these for me nowadays. Keep them cuz I love them.


AKG K240 Studio: Generic, poor-sounding loudness headphones. A disgrace to the AKG name. Torn apart for modding parts ages ago. Given as a graduation gift, so I keep them.

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1. Sennheiser HD-800. Because of their superior soundstage, imaging, neutrality and detail. Mainly used with O2+E-DAC and Aune T1 with Gold Lion e88cc.

2. Beyerdynamic T5p. Best closed cans I've heard (better than Ultrasone ed 8, imo). Great detail, clarity and imaging. A little darkish. Use them as my portable setup with Fiio E17, or sometimes with a CmoyBB with the AD8066ARZ op-amp, through the dock of a iPod Touch with FLAC-player.

3. Sennheiser Amperior. More portable than the T5p and not as fragile. Use them with my iPhone and with Spotify. Warmish, punchy, good resolution.

4. AKG K 701. Neutral, good soundstage but I never use them anymore. The HD-800 beats them in every aspect.

5. AKG K 450. Neutralish, portable, better than my first cans – Koss Porta Pro, but not much else. Never use them since I got the Amperior.

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1 - Denon D7000 by a hair over.............

2 - Denon D5000/D2000 dead heat tie now that the D2000 arrived with new custom Cocobolo cups - sound is amazing

3 - Denon D600

4 - Ultrasone Pro900

5 - V-Moda M-100

6 - Ultrasone Edition 8

7 - M-Audio Q40

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Originally Posted by Oregonian View Post

1 - Denon D7000 by a hair over.............

2 - Denon D5000/D2000 dead heat tie now that the D2000 arrived with new custom Cocobolo cups - sound is amazing

3 - Denon D600

4 - Ultrasone Pro900

5 - V-Moda M-100

6 - Ultrasone Edition 8

7 - M-Audio Q40

Someone likes bass :wink:

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I only own 2 headphones currently (LCD-3, CAL!) but out of everything ive owned so far:


1) LCD-3

2) HE-6

3) HE-500

4) LCD-2.2

5) D7000

5) DT880 (600 ohms)

7) D2000 with D7000 cups

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Someone likes bass :wink:

Yes he does..................a lot. 

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Originally Posted by asmoday View Post

HiFiman HE500
Sennheiser HD650
Beyer DT880
Grado SR80i

1 & 2 are VERY close for me and depending on my mood could be swapped at any given time.

I currently own the HD650s which I got through a trade for the HE-400s which I loved, but really wanted to try the Sennheisers.


I intend to eventually get the HE-500s but since I am not financially well off, doing so would require me selling the HD650s. So, how do the two compare? (Or three, if you've tried the HE-400s as well)

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