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Upper Treble: SA3000
Lower treble: HD800
Midrange: HD800 > AD2000 > HD650
Bass: HD800 > AD2000 >= SA3K
Sub-bass: LCD 2.1 maybe?

Soundstage width and depth: HD800 > SA3000
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1.Perfect Sound D901

2. Beyer Dynamic DT990

3.AKG K240

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this is by detail: 

1:brainwavz b2 

2 ultrasone proline 2500

3 audio technica ath a700

4 grado sr60 

5 jvc fx66

6 jvc fx 33 

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Updating my list again. HD598 moved up the list and few of my hps were sold.



2. SRH940/HD598

3. T-PEOS H-200

4. Modded V6

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New after some swapping/buying/selling -

D7000 (by a hair)
Edition 8

**Drth Beyers in transit so can't place them yet. If I were to guess, it may be 3rd or 4th.
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1. Hifiman HE-500

2. Senn HD650

3. Grado 225i

4. Senn HD25-1 ii

5. Westone UM2-RC

6. Senn MM50

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1. AKG K702 AE

2. MrSpeakers Mad Dogs

3. KEF M500

4. Westone W4

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My current headphones:

1. Hifiman HE-500
2. Sennheiser IE800
3. Sony MDR 7550
4. Grado SR60i (with flat pads)
5. Sennheiser PX100-II
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Senns HD650

Senns HD600




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Originally Posted by 3X0 View Post

Could easily see this. The DT 880 is probably my third favorite overall headphone right behind the HE60 and JH13. Can't believe they can be had for under $200 these days.

Wow :D so I'm not the only one who loves the sound of the DT880? I've heard HD650s and HD600s at meets and it's not really my sound although I do prefer the HD600 over the HD650 for it's neutrality. I also have modified DT880's so I don't see the bass being missing, it has a very strong impact and presence for an open can with the sparkly realistic treble. I think the fast decay and soundstage of the DT880 is what creates the illusion of space and transparency. I'm listening to Disclosure - Settle in 16bit FLAC and if any of you like house or electronic this album is a must-listen to. I get a nice club sound filling my ears :]

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1. Nothing yet

2. Stax 009

3. Stax 007 MK1, Airbow SR-SC21 depend on setup

4. LCD-3, HD800, Stax 007MK2 (?)


6. LCD-2 (recabled), TH-900

7. T1, HD650 recable

8. DT880

9. Grado

10. AKG 271s recable

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I don't own each of these headphones, but have had plenty of time listening to them all to make fair judgements based on my taste. Also, I will include a few that I heard at the Dallas meet, which though I may not be as familiar with, I believe I can place. Those I have labeled with an asterisk*.


1. Hifiman HE-500

2. Beyerdynamic DT-880 (600 ohm)

3. Sennheiser HD-600*

4. Hifiman HE-400

5. Sennheiser HD-650*

6. AKG K702 Anniv. Edition

7. Beyerdynamic DT-770 (32 Ohm)

8. Grado SR225i*

9. Sennheiser PX 100-II

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1. Shure SRH440

2. Sony MH1C

3. AKG K240 MKII

4. Koss Porta Pro

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Short list, and same company too but here:


1. Ath-es10

2. Ath-es7

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LCD 2.2
Shure 535

Bose qc15

I probabily would've had to file for bankrupcy if i bought all these from Korea or Japan. In the end the high rates for japanese yen vs dollar saved me so much money. (rates not so high anymore though)

I would put LCD 2.2 above HE-500 if it wasn't for comfort issues.

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