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Ranked by use:

1. AKG K501
2. Beyerdynamic DT880
3. Audio Technic A900
4, Stax Lambda Classic (SR-303/SRM-313)
5. Grado SR125
6. Sennheiser HD650

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i only own two right now... they're in bold:

1. Etymotic ER-4P
2. Grado SR60
3. Sennheiser PX100
4. Koss KSC-55
5. Koss PortaPro
6. Sennheiser PX200
7. iPod stock buds
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Hmm this is going to be a short list - just what I own?


Don't laugh at the KSC-35 being above the DT770. The DT770 is a necessity when I can't use the SR200 (late at nite, etc) So otherwise I'd be using the SR200. The KSC-35 just does portable cans right, period. I'd put the ATH-CM3 as 4) but they are my wife's.
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Ranked by percentage of use:

50% Senn HD650/Mobius
30% Grado SR225 (headphile woody/recable)
15% Shure E3c
3% Sennheiser HD25 SP
2% AKG 240M

hmmm... maybe I should sell the last two.
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Current phones:

AKG K-501
Sennheiser HD-600

Bedding in: ATH W100
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AKG K1000
Sony MDR-SA5000 although it doesn't get as much use a the others at this moment.
Sennheiser HE60
Etymotics ER6i
Grado HP1000 drivers in SR325 housing
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based on Sound only

1. CD3000
2. ER-4P/S
3. SR-60
4. ER6i
5. PortaPro
6. KSC-50
7. E2c
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Since you asked for currently owned...

1. HD650 Zuified
2. HD650 stock
3. ER4P w/S adapter
4. ER4P without
5. A900
6. MX500
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1.) ER4P
2.) MDR7506
3.) HD433 (I don't know why I still have these)
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Here is how I rank the headphones that I own that I am very familiar with.

Grado SR60
Etymotic ER-6i
Shure E2C
Koss KSC75
Sony MDR-E888LP (Silver Edition)
Sony MDR-EX70
Sennheiser MX500
Sony MDR-E888LP (Gold Edition)
Maxell HP550
Koss The Plug
iPod Stock Earbuds
Maxell EB425

Not prepared to rank:

Grado Labs SR125
Etymotic ER-4P/S
Koss KTX Pro 1
Koss PortaPro
Sennheiser HD280 Pro
Etymotic ER-6
Koss UR40
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1. mx500
2. panasonic canalphone
3. mx300
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(Out of the stuff currently in my stash)

Sound quality:

1) Stax SR-404
2) Stax SR-001 Mk II
3) Etymotic Research ER-4P
4) Sennheiser HD590

Most frequently used:

1) HD590
2) ER-4P
3) SR-404
4) SR-001

Interesting trend there, eh? The 590's are computer headphones and hence see the most use. The ER-4P never leaves my pocket, and is therefore second. The 404 and 001 are reserved for serious listening, and unfortunately, I only have so much time for that
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1. Stax SR001 MkII: Walking to work phones (paired with Sony DNE-10)
2. HD600: Hanging out at home phones
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1. Ultimate Ears Ue-10 PRO
9. Grado SR-60
10. everything else...
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Alessandro MS-2: fairly clear, energetic sounding but laid back at the same time, tight bass but not very prominent on my setup, dry and bright mids (IMO), not overly forgiving and dry highs with fairly good extention with bowls.
Koss KSC-35: slightly bloated bass, dark mids, rolled off highs - BUT HELLA FUN!! I find these more enjoyable with Rock music than on the MS-2, but they dont do other types of music as good.
Audio Technica ATH-EM7 bass is only "there" when pressed against ears or when wearing a beanie, veiled vocals, prominent upper mids, distorted sounding, extremely rolled off highs. Selling ASAP.
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