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1. HiFiMAN HE-400
2. UE Triple Fi.10
3. Sennheiser HD558
4. JVC FXT90

No one should be surprised with this order. The HE-400s are in a league of their own next to the rest of my gear. If I still had the IE8s they would be even with the TF10s and my Shure E4g's (cable broke, I really miss these) would have gone probably under or even with the 558s.
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New Headphone!!


1) AKG K240- awesome for jazz, vocals and funk plus their fun as hell and nicely revealing.

2) Sony MDR-7506 - Their my reference for judgements on other cans.

3) Beyer DT770 80 ohm- Just havent listened to much bass music recently.

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1. Beyerdynamic DT1350 - this is my primary headphone, still having problem with the comfort for long-time usage

2. Audio Technica ATH-M50s LE - my first attempt to step-in into headphone world.

3. Sennheiser RS-180 - great for portability, I've used it when play rockband, it just rock

4. Sennheiser PX100 - this is my first love with the headphone about 4-5years ago.


And next week welcoming V-Moda M80. Expect it somewhere it between DT1350 and ATH-M50s. 

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"Present" List:
1. Koss ESP/950
2. Grado RS-1i (yes they moved back down)
3. Ultrasone PRO2900 (I'm certain)
4. Bose QC15-LE
5. Sony MDR-F1
6. Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9
7. Koss MV1
8. Bose AE2w
9. Koss TBSE
10. Koss Ruk50
11. Koss KTX Pro (only because of fit - sound/value should see them up there in the middle)

"Other" List:
1. Koss ESP/10
2. Koss Pro4/A
3. Koss R/80

"Mobile" List:
1. Denon AH-C751
2. Koss R/80
3. Sony MDR-EX082 (these are awesome for free (they were/are the included buds with various Sony Walkman mp3 players (I have an NWZ-A, I think the X also included them, etc; much better than iBuds))
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1) Denon AH-D 1000- Recable with D2000

What can't be said about these?  Check just about every known site and these are in their TOP 10 list.

Not the perfect can but they have a pleasing sound that just makes your feet tap...Higher sets have come and gone, these are still here if that tells you something?


2) HD 428 with Bass mod- These have been said to beat the famous 580 and even push close to the 600, Both I've never owned, but that's saying a lot coming from a under $50 set.  By far the cleanest low end Senn I've heard, Nice mid to top end detail here.

No darkness (Veil sound) here, Even the 439's are darker...  Got to do the simple bass mode tho, it makes them in another class sound wise. Don't know why Senn didn't just tune them that way from the start..  It's a piece of tape, really.


3 & 4 tie)

HD 439 and Koss DJ100

Take the 428 and add more Bass and a slightly darker sound, By no stretch these have a veil, they are really Bright and Crisp just a tad colder sounding then the 428's. Still very detailed..I'm using them now and Camels- The Snow Goose, it's giving me chills..Very pleasing!!


Koss- Are you kidding, these are $50, Did they price these wrong?  I've heard mids worse then these on much higher $ sets, These have some of the best (At this price point). The Bass has a nice little punch to it, that never creeps up into the rest of the spectrum. My only gripe is the top rolls off a little to soon, A little Eq here works wonders, Also I found these really need to be matched up correctly with your source.  They will really show flaws in the music..  Well matched these sound fantastic.


5) HD 419

The darkest of the newer 400 series, This is the classic Senn Veil, They remind me of the PX100 in some aspects, It has a great sound tho, everything is nicely detailed, just dark.  At 30-40 tho it's hard to beat really.  But you got to have that Senn likable flavor.

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Good question.  My opinion changes depending on my mood but my current go-to list is:


1) Westone 4r

2) Heir 4A

3) Philips X1

4) Beyerdynamic T1

5) Ultrasone Signature Pro

6) Klipsch X10i

7) Fischer Audio SBA-03



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Ive only got 1 pair of over ear headphones. From all the ones I have had in my possession:


Gorilla Ears CIEM AT5, Shure SRH750DJ, Grado SR80i, , VMODA Crossfade Custom LP, Dunu I3C-S, Brainwavz R1, FocalPrice CK700, JVC "Marshmallow" HAFX34B


Not sure where my ASG 2's will fit in. Im guessing beteween the AT5's and 750DJ's.

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I haven't owned many, but I have listened to a lot of headphones before I bought the Q701s. I bought it on sale for 190 with free shipping. No matter how good something sounds, price to performance plays a big role for me. For instance I think the HD800s sound a little bit better than the Q701s, but not by a whole lot, and certainly not enough to justify the price tag. 


The only thing I find better AND worth the money above the Q701s are electrostatic headphones. 

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1) HD650 -EDM

2) SR225i - Rock/Metal

3) Q701 - Acoustic, Prog Rock and Progressive Trance

4) DT770/80 - ALL EDM on the move

5) SR80i - Rock/ Metal on the move

6) D1100 - Bass cravings and laughs


But i love them all!

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1. Denon d5000
2. AKG K702
2.(tie) westone um3x
3. Grado sr 60i
3.(tie) Shure se215
4.phiaton ps500
5. Beats Pro
6. Parrot Zik
7. Bower and Wilkins C5
8. Bang and olufsen A8
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Originally Posted by Cakensaur View Post

But i love them all!

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all driven by Burson Soloist


1. HD-800

2. HE-500

3. T1

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2. HE-500

3. T1




what did you like in the HE-500 more than the T1 ?

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the bass is similar but the 500's sound lusher,for lack of a better word.....keep in mind that my #1 was the HD-800 which are very similar to the T1....the 500's provide more of a change of pace.....

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My list:


1) Audeze LCD-2 Rev.2

2) HiFiMan HE-500

3) Sennheiser HD 650

4) Beyerdynamic T1

5) Beyerdynamic DT 990


Sometimes I prefer the HE-500 over the LCD-2s with some genres of music. Also my everyday use headphone for gaming/casual listening is the HD 650. Also at times I want a more neutral sound like the T1. Just depends on my mood. It's the beauty of having a variety of headphones that cover all the sound spectrum well.

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