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These are some headphones I currently own or used to own:


1. Ultrasone PRO 900 (love these things, they're insane... Using them unamped for now, but getting Fiio E11 very soon.)

2. Ultrasone HFI 2400 (Used to own these and loved them to death. A very smooth and balanced sound... Too bad they're open.)

3. Ultrasone HFI 580 (Very nice entry-level basshead headphone. Sound great for the price!)

4. Audio Technica ATH-M50 (They're decent. Of course this was my first quality headphone, but I just found the sound to be bland and lacked detail and resolution... Bass sounded sloppy and muffled imo.)

6. Vmoda Crossfade LP2 (A ton of bass quantity, but that's about it. As a basshead, I expect more than just bass in a headphone...)


7. Sennheiser HD 380 PRO (Very dull sounding. Sold it within two months.)

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Even at home, I always listen to the first 4 through a Neco V3 with AD8610 op amps. Never listen to the other 3 listed.

1. Sennheiser HD600 (can listen to these for hours, always sound great, the amp makes an excellent combination)

2. Audio Technica ATH-50 (not quite broken in, have not listened unamped, some clamping but comfort is better than other closed cans I've tried)

3. Sennheiser PX100 (portable, lightweight, used 1st generation until one side shorted out, 2nd generation's sound doesn't seem as good but probably don't have enough hours for full break-in)
4. MEElectronics M6 (good inexpensive IEMs, my ears are hard to fit for in-ear but these with triple flange work fine)

5. Sennheiser HD 497 (not horrible but not great, still own these but haven't seen them since last move)
6. Koss Porta Pro (I know some people love these, but I never warmed up to them, also don't like the metal headband).
7. Sennheiser PX200 (the sound is too dark for my liking)

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1. Hifiman HE-400

Monsters. Love them for all types of music. I just love the unique planar sound, detail and the ability to produce such impactful bass for open headphones. Soundstage maybe not the same as some dynamic open cans but for me more than wide enough. Usually drive them from my PC (Foobar2k -> Audioengine D1 -> Matrix Mstage)


2. Beyerdynamic DT1350

Just got these a few days ago and they are going to be my no.2 can for a while. In a lot of ways the seem more cohesive to me than the Hifimans. Probably more enjoyable mids for vocals, and they do percussion extremely well. Listening to a track with saxophone right now and it feels like it is in the room with me.. Will mostly be driving these with E17. Though I might start to use these at home too, maybe for making music (production), they're just that good. Bottomless subbass.


3. Ultrasone Pro-900

Just a great fun headphone, with a lot of detail. Hugely boosted mid-bass, and really only good for electronica (which is mostly what I listen to). Amazing with Drum n Bass / Dubstep, uncomparable thump from kickdrums and powerful subbass with a lot of DnB too. Some tracks seem to go just that bit too low for them to reach though, whereas so far it seems like the DT1350s CAN reach, which is amazing for such small supra-aural headphones. These are my office/work headphones with the E17; they're good for that.


4. Shure SRH-840

These served me well for a while as studio headphones for making music, and for audio recording (interviews and field audio for video work).

I'm now going to sell them because of the list of superior cans above that I now own. Quite neutral, reasonably detailed, but very boring IMO. Lacking in bass.

I used to think the Shure build quality was good, but I know better now. Yes they are solid and will take some knocks, but they feel cheap and plasticky (because, well, they are).


The other headphones I used to have before I got my HE400s were the Beyer T70s. Wasn't my preferred sound signature, though they were impressive in a lot of ways.

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1. Audeze LCD-2: Best sounding headphone for most genres in my collection. Still burning in with the Lyr but getting smoother each day. If it were lighter and didn't clamp my head so tightly, I would wear it more often.


2. Sennheiser HD600: First audiophile headphone. Not as clear as the LCD-2's but are very impressive. The most comfortable headphone I own. I sometimes prefer this "sound" to the LCD-2s. Perhaps I should take a look at the Hifiman HE-500.


3. Sennheiser HD555


4. Sennheiser HD280


5. Audio Technica ATHM-50S: Birthday gift. Sounded bland and muddy. Don't listen to them much but often lend them out to friends who want to get Beats by Dre to try to persuade them to not get the Beats. It works sometimes and they buy me a beer. Good deal.


6. Shure e2c: I was in an orchestra and I was forced to buy these. I absolutely hated the way they fit in my weirdly shaped ear, but they sounded decent enough.

7. Klipsch S4

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#1 - HD 650's....so easy to get along with, sounds good with every bit of music. Wish they were easier to drive from portables, sound amazing on high end amps and dacs. 


#2 - Alessandro MS-Pros.... My favourite for a long time, guitar and rock specialist, probably better sounding than the HD 650's for short periods but no where near as good for long periods.


#3 - AD900's...The first audiophile cans I ever bought, still love them. 


#4 - Atrio M5's....WAY WAY better than my broken Shure 420's, for half the price, they are my travel headphone, bassy and sound great!


#5 - DT 250....Incredibly boring and over hyped closed headphone, bought them after been highly recommended they bore the **** out of me. 

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I love the little mini review with the rankings.  Keep it going.  I put mine up a few pages back.  I'll put up a new one with mini reviews as well.  Things are still changing.

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1. sennheiser hd 430 - wide sound stage, its  sound heavenly with little dot  mk3 (personally sounds better then hd 650)

2. audeze lcd - 2.2 - sounds goood,  can not hear the true potential yet cause lacks on source and amp.

3. shure srh 1840 - sounds great but lacks on detail and soundstage

4. Dt 990 pro - good bass

5.Skull candy aviator - surprisingly  good.

6, sennheiser hd 540 reference - not bad, nothing special about  this headphone

7. Superlux hd668b - pretty good for 40 dollar headphone


8. rest of headphone  ( most of them still in the box)

Grado - Grado SR225i modded with Mahogany

sennheiser hd 580

Sony MDR-SA 3000
Sennheiser 565 ovation
Sony MDR-V700DJ
Koss Dj-100 Tony Bennett Edition
Stax sr80

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1. HD800 - Clarity and soundstage to die for. They rip apart poorly recorded tunes, but feed them quality and enjoy a heavenly listening experience.

2. T40RPs DBV#3 modded - Excellent all rounders. My top choice for a p/p rig or a single can rig.

3. HD650 - I love these cans. They get the most headtime due to their easygoing presentation and forgiveness of poorly mastered music.

4. Thunderpants - Very colored. Great for basshead music. These cans thump very well. The O2 pads provide great isolation and a better soundstage than the 840 pads used on the T40RPs.

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It really depends what I use them for.


For music:

1. AKG K550

2. Sennheiser HD650

3. Beyerdynamic DT770Pro 32

4. Brainwavz HM5

5. Audio Technica M50

6. Audio Technica AD700


For gaming & movies:

1. Beyerdynamic DT770Pro 32
2. Sennheiser HD650
3. Brainwavz HM5
4. AKG K550
5. Audio Technica M50
6. Audio Technica AD700


That said, I only use my AKG K550 and Beyerdynamic DT770Pro 32 interchangebly. The rest I've either sold or given them away to friends and family.

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right now I only have 3 mid-fi phones but well


1.V Moda M80

2. Philips Cityscape Uptown

3.Shure SRH440


I really want some DT880s -.-

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1. Denon D7000

2. Audio Technica W5000

3. Denon D1001

4. Audio Technica ESW9

5. Denon D1100

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1.  Stax Lambda Pro - very light on the head, and just a great experience.  Drawback is the large electrostatic amp - can't move it around.  Sounds oddly different when lying down - they reposition on the head.  Clear and clean.  Cost a fortune when I bought them new so very long ago - although a few grand today seems like nothing.  Used a few times a week.


2.  HD-650 - So very comfortable and light, I can just wear these all day.  Like an Eames lounger, they invite you in for a long stay.  A bit "dark", but after you have them on for an hour, you don't notice anymore.  Just pleasant.  Use them every day.


3.  HD-25 - Great portable, even with the flaws.  Use every day at work.


3.  Both Grados (SR325 and MS1) - they just aren't comfortable, although the SR325i is not bad, I am a bit sensitive to the Grado sound - I don't like the treble spike.  I find these excellent for low volume listening until they get too uncomfortable.  Not bad, just not my style.  They are the low volume champs, though.  Almost never used


5.  The IEMs (ER4s, UM2) - I just don't like something stuck in my ear, and the Westones only seal easily and correctly one time in ten.  They have to be very easy to use - I don't like messing with a seal for 5 minutes every time, only to break the seal to hear and talk.  Call it operator error.  Almost never used.


I use music to relax, so I don't care for anything that pushes the music into my face.

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My current headphones in order of personal preference:


AKG Q701 > Vsonic GR01 > Brookstone dual dynamic driver IEM > Koss UR40 > Sony XB500 


I really only use the Q701 and the GR01, the rest I still do own though.

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Alessandro MS2i's (warm,rich,full sound) used with ADCOM-GTP400,SONY CDP-701es,MERIDIAN 203DAC  sound beutiful to my ears. I listen to mostly smooth/lounge jazz,grunge,60's-70's, classic/soft rock, I especially like them for the jazz types due to their detail.     

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I only recently became a headphone enthusiast, but I have picked up three sets of cans:


1. Hifiman HE-400 - I've had these for about 2 weeks now and they are a noticeable step up from my other two sets. Fantastics phones.


2. Sennheiser HD558 - This is the second set of cans I got after being blown away by my Shure SRH840s. When I first got them, they were a little closed sounding, but after some burn in and the tape mod, these now have a full, warm, and very engaging sound.


3. Shure SRH840 - The set that opened my eyes to the possibilities. I only just barely prefer the Senns to these. They have a very pleasing, warm tone with good detail, but when I heard the Senns, these suddenly sounded a bit colored and less "organic."

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