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Sennheiser IE80

Klipsch x10

Sennheiser HD555

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1. Sennheiser HD 598

2 & 3. ATH-M50 or Brainwavz B2

4. Klipsch Image S4i (RIP)

5. Bose On-Ears (RIP)

6. Sony MDR-NC200D

7. Klipsch Image S2m

8. Brainwavz R1

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1.  Bose Over Ear (non-QC).  Really don't need the QC feature anyway.  They're hooked up to my laptop and catch more than I can imagine!


2.  Beats Studio.  Personally, I think they sound pretty good but they're too fragile to travel with unless it's a sunny day outside.


3.  Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket.  OK, they're earphones, not headphones, but they sound every bit as good as the Beats Studios - or maybe better! 

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AKG K701 

Grado SR60i 

AKG K422

Monoprice 8323


Superlux HD681

Bose AE2

Melec HT-21

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1. Sennheiser HD595 (with custom Double Helix cable)

2. AKG K307

3. Beats by Dre Tour

4. Sennheiser CX200

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I'll chime in with my list:


1. Grado SR325is

2. Shure se530 (barely second)

3. Denon D1000

4. Meelectronics M6 (fantastic gym / running set)


I just got the Grado's 2 days ago. On first listening I was very underwhelmed, now they are sounding better and better, probably played ~10 hours on them. This is all out of ipod / pc, currently waiting for the amp and dac to get delivered.

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Ok...now with my SR-009s in house, here is my latest ranking:


1.) Stax SR-009s

2.) Audez'e LCD-3

3.) Sennheiser HD800

4.) Audio Technica W3000ANV

5.) Westone 4

6.) beyer DT1350

7.) Shure SE535

8.) Ultimate Ears TF.10


It would have taken a whole lot to displace the LCD-3s as my favourite headphone, but the SR-009s are just that darn good. smile.gif

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1, Audeze LCD 2 rev 2
2, Shure 1840
3. Sennheiser 650 (silver driver)
4. Sennheiser 580 (mod)
5. Sony MDR-SA 3000
6. Dt 990 pro
7. Sennheiser 565 ovation


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Based on technicalities (not necessarily enjoyment): 


1) Stax Omega MK1

2) HE 6 

3) HD800 (can easily flip flop with #2) 

4) LCD-2 (rev. 2) 

5) Beyer T1

6) HD650

7) AD2000

8) AHD-7000


In Ears: 


1) UM Miracles/Westone ES5/UERM (each have their advantages and weaknesses without any one as obviously superior)

2) SM3

3) EX1000

4) RE262/TF10/CK10 

5) Fischer Eterna 

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Originally Posted by takato14 View Post

Pioneer SE-700: Best headphone I own so far. Nice detail retrieval, a good sense of rhythm, nice imaging, and nice airy sound. A little thin at times. Bass is just not there, which makes a few songs less exciting. Mids are nice and smooth, never nasally or boomy. Highs roll off at the very top but are otherwise quite nice. The sound is overall very smooth and flat. Very fun to listen to despite their analyticality. Unamped, they are unlistenable. Out of my E7 they do get better, but not as good as they could be. Driving them from my desktop subwoofer's speaker taps kills what bass they do have(as the subwoofer has an internal equalizer to keep the bass out of the satellite speakers), but makes everything else sound absolutely unbelievable.


AKG K240 Studio: Warm. Moderate detail retrieval, moderate attack and decay. Small soundstage, meh imaging. Tight, controlled, airy bass response. Liquidy mids and highs smoother than butter. Some of my denser music (such as Psyborg Corp.) turns into a disgusting mess on these. Not good for all genres. Most comfortable headphone I have ever worn.


Pioneer SE-500: Basically, everything the SE-700 is like, but worse in all departments. Had these before the SE-700s. Loved them too before I got the 700s.


KOSS K/6x Plus: First "real" headphone, got from a garage sale for $10 when I was 12. Bright. No soundstage, no imaging. Skeletal, light design makes them fall off my head easily and makes it sometimes hard to get a good seal. Very tight bass that reaches low but not very low, stops around 13 Hz. Sparkly highs that are a little bit rough. They are neutral with a slight tilt towards bright. Very well-detailed.


Audio Technica ATH-M50: I really don't like these anymore. Meh detail retrieval, meh attack/decay. Midbass hump, fairly tight low end but not as good as it could be. Absolutely disgusting midrange, heavy distortion and roughness throughout the entire range. Highs jump out at you, scream in your face, and smack you across the cheek. It's not quite harsh, but it is definitely noticeable and to be honest I don't enjoy it very much.


Audatron SH-608R (heavily modded): I took the driver off the baffle and secured it in the back of the earcup. I removed the original pads and substituted AKG pads. I messed around with the damping a lot and removed the two volume potentiometers in the earcups. Doing this made the sound airy and delightful and made the soundstage huge. They still have no imaging, however. The bass is no longer suffocating and the mids aren't boomy anymore. They're basically a worse K240 Studio, with less treble and more bass. Pretty bad but they have more bass than any headphone I have so they still get some use.


Audatron SH-608R (stock): Absolutely atrocious. Muddy bass that overwhelms the other ranges, boomy mids, no treble. Sound is very suffocating and oxygen-deprived. No soundstage and no imaging. Slow attack and decay and meh detail. Pretty heavy. Bad isolation, but better than most. Uncomfortable as sin. Thin supra-aural pads and way too much clamping force. Only redeeming qualities are nice, tough build quality and appealing visual aesthetics. 



KOSS Reference One: Just got these yesterday. Huge KOSS cans from the 70's. The bass reaches low, the highs are sparkly and smooth, and the detail is good. Absolutely massive soundstage with good imaging and instrument placement. They're heavy and built like a tank. They squeeze hard and isolate better than any headphone I've ever heard, and they don't leak at all. They seem to be extremely analytical... not sure how to rank it yet though. 

I finally have a full placement for the R1s.


The bass reaches low and has amazingly thick body and presence. It's thundering and powerful without being overwhelming or muddy, and is IMHO one of the best features of this set. The mids aren't as smooth as my SE-700s but are still quite good. There may be just a <tiny> amount of grain to them. The highs sparkle a lot more than the SE-700s and K240s but doesn't quite extend as much as the K240s. It's still only a very tiny roll off in the very top part of the spectrum so it's barely noticable. The detail retrieval beats everything I have and the fast attack and decay gives lots of PRaT. These things make music sound less like a recording and more like a performance. Absolutely awesome.


Out of the E7, they sound better than my SE-700s do. However, when the SE-700 gets the power it wants, it soars above and beyond my other sets in every aspect except bass extension, so I'm still ranking it in second place. They still get more ear-time than anything else I have though. 

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1. HD600

2. HD650

3. DT 990

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Originally Posted by ericfarrell85 View Post

Based on technicalities (not necessarily enjoyment): 


1) Stax Omega MK1

2) HE 6 

3) HD800 (can easily flip flop with #2) 

4) LCD-2 (rev. 2) 

5) Beyer T1

6) HD650

7) AD2000

8) AHD-7000


In Ears: 


1) UM Miracles/Westone ES5/UERM (each have their advantages and weaknesses without any one as obviously superior)

2) SM3

3) EX1000

4) RE262/TF10/CK10 

5) Fischer Eterna 



How about a list based on pure enjoyment?

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Too hard to say. I've spent enough time with most of my headphones to know where their individual strengths and weaknesses lie. I'm usually enjoying the one sitting on my ears the most because the genre of music chosen I believe best suits that particular headphone. Come to think of it I can only answer for the #1 spot - HE6! (I still can't definitely claim they have any weaknesses) The AHD-7000 and the lower tier iems (which I haven't listened to in over a year) are enjoyed least. As for the others it really is a genre tossup. 

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1. M-Audio Q40



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