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Originally Posted by Jeff Graw View Post

1.) HD-800


Soundstage and detail retrieval can't be beat. Most comfortable headphone I've ever used. The sound signature is a bit bright with less bass impact than I would like, but I've found them to be very responsive to EQ. Those who dislike the default balance of these cans really owe it to themselves to listen again the help of some EQ, anaxilus mods, or careful component matching because when you get the tonal balance right you're left with a technological marvel. The biggest downside is the sheer amount of poorly recorded music that is borderline unlistenable under the HD-800's microscopic gaze.


2.) LCD-3


I don't think many will argue that the LCD-3's have the best bass performance you can get in heaphones. You could describe the LCD-3's as smooth yet visceral. Slightly uncomfortable for me, but they are getting easier to wear as I adapt to them. They're more forgiving than the HD-800's, and easily the best cans for electronic music or the 'harsher' genres. I think the LCD-3s fall behind the HD-800s when it comes to the very best recordings though. When I switch from the LCD-3 to the HD-800, I find myself missing the low end performance and impact, but the increased detail and soundstage is more engrossing to me and I miss that more when I go back to the LCD-3. I enjoy the LCD-3 a lot more when I'm not comparing it against the HD-800. The reverse is also true to but to a far lesser extent. If only I could have it all!


3.) AH-D7000


The D7000 can make even the worst recordings sound good, very, very "fun." Technically soundstage isn't as good as most fully open cans, but is interesting to listen to thanks to the semi-open design. The HD-800 outshines everything else completely in this regard, but the D7000 is actually my second favorite in soundstage -- and that's just down to the fact that it's so much different than anything else. The fact that they kind of isolate is an added bonus. Despite all of this, the Denon's can't possibly hope to beat the above two cans working with good quality material, and that puts it squarely in third place. The worst thing about the D7000 is the fear you get whenever you pick them that they will fall apart in your hands (had someone else's D2000 fall apart on me during a meet, not a pleasant sensation)


4.) K-702


Basically a subset of the HD-800. Good, but everything the K-702 does the HD-800 does better. Despite that, this is probably the best headphone in the world for competitive gaming thanks to it's imaging. Imagine a straight line through your head from ear to ear, extended just as far as the HD-800, but with very little in the front. Makes for an unnatural musical presentation, and despite it's width I'd actually rank the K-702's as second last for soundstage. For gaming it just works, and that's what I use the K-702 for.


-tied with-

5.) HD-650


Easy to listen to, non-fatiguing, and the shape makes it very easy to wear while lying in bed. That being said, if I'm not lying in bed I'm probably going to listen with something else. Soundstage is good, and despite the fact that treble is rolled off there is still sparkle and very little sibilance. The high frequency presentation means you aren't engulfed by detail at every moment but you appreciate it more when you find it, if that makes sense. The real bummer for me is the bass -- a little bit too muddy, a little bit too "one-tone," and that's what keeps me from really falling for these cans.


-tied with-

6.) HF-1 (headphile mods, woodied, C-pads)


Colored and unnatural for sure (big bumps in mid-bass and mid-treble to my ears), but on some music it just works. Worse than the HD-650 and K-702 in practically every techincal way, but a much better foil against the top three and thus gets more head time. These are my "The Police" headphones. Is it a bad sign when you have headphones for individual bands? tongue.gif


7. HD-272


Easily the worst of the bunch. Sometimes you just need isolation though, especially when you're a musician, and these isolate exceptionally well. When I'm jamming on my TD-20, I use these. They aren't bad, but are clearly outclassed by everything else. I wouldn't call them "fart cannons", but things are leaning in that direction. Bass is big and somewhat muddy, highs represented well enough but feel spartan -- there is never any sparkle to them. Mid range is decent, but not creamy or lush, and the bass is intruding and polluting the region. Soundstage is nothing at all to write home about. A dependable workhorse, but nothing I'd use if I wanted to enjoy listening to music.


Great descriptions.

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Originally Posted by rrahman View Post

Originally Posted by Jodiuh View Post


If you had to recommend a headphone to buy for someone that listens to mostly pop, light rock, trance, etc...


650 or 880



I know u didn't ask me, but HD650 all the way.  Dt880 is more of an all rounder, light, airy, neutral but a bit bass anemic w/o J$ pads.  650 meatier, dark side of neutral, better bass.

Thanks! I miss my stolen HD580s. frown.gif

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I think I'm going to try the Shure SCH-940's as I do need a closed can right now for LAN parties that also rocks out as a fun headphone. As much as I loved my 580's, they weren't fun...I mean, Grado fun.


I demoed the 840's and they were FANTASTIC.

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1. JH Audio JH16 Pro
2. FitEar ToGo 334
3. Shure SE535
4. Bose QuietComfort 15
5. Monster iSport
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I'm going to update again.


Superlux HD681 = Panasonic RP-HTF600-S


Superlux for when I'm in the mood for some clarity. The Pancake for when I want bass punch. 


I find that both are equally good value. I like both signatures very equal. I love almost all my headphones equal. The reason for this is I only have two.

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1. ATH W3000ANV ~ W5000

2. ATH W1000x

3. ATH A2000 ~ HD650

4. ATH AD2000 ~ AKG 701

5. ATH A900X ~ HD558

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1. DT990 Premium
2. DT770 Premium
3. JVC HA-S500 (only whe modded with HD25 pleather pads, amazing difference).
4. ATH M50
5. Senn HD 380 pro
6. Sony MDR 7506
7. nc100cha (... my noise cancelling headphones for flights... definitely the bottom of the list)
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1. AKG K701

2. ATH-W5000

3. Westone ES5


5. Westone 4

6. Sony mdr-ex1000

7. Ultrasone edition 8

8. Sennheiser hd650

9. Sennheiser ie8

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Koss Pro DJ100 (M50 pads)

If I had to pick only one headphone to use, it'd be this. That says a lot. The others aren't much better really, just open.

I've yet to find any closed headphone I like more. Not the SRH-840/940, M50, KRKs or whatever else. KRK KNS-8400 get close, but these have better bass.

I find them more revealing than the Q701. Yeah, I said it. These with my ODAC pick apart anything wrong with my setup. Sounds similar to the HD-580 or modded HD-600, but with more treble.


AKG Q701

Even better now that I got my new ODAC for it. Now even more neutral than before.


HD-600 (modded only)

I applied a small square of Creatology foam to back of circle vent area. It reduces the bloated bass to neutral levels and makes it sound crystal clear and even more detailed.

IMO this makes that "veil" go bye-bye. Still wish it had a tad more treble. Seems like LESS than neutral treble. Stock HD-600 is much too forgiving.



Better comfort and imaging than the Q701. This is one headphone i'll never part with. Very underrated. Perfect gaming headphone.


KRK KNS-8400

I used this last night for the first time in weeks an was still impressed. It's mids often seem a tad laid back (not upper mids) compared to the 6400. It makes my DJ100 look like a bass monster.


HD-598 (this dropped down a few spots due to lack of use)

The Q701 has me spoiled, so it's hard to go back to this. The modded HD-600 might surpass this. I don't like the HD-600 stock at all and have always preferred the 598. HD-580 is great though (same driver).



Way better than the AD700. Less treble, fuller mids and some decent bass. More bass than my KNS-8400! Less sub-bass though. Some low bass doesn't even register on this thing. It's a fun headphone. Got it for $35 on sale at..Wal-Mart!! Sounds closer to the AD2000 than the AD700.

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1. Etymotic HF5

2. Sennheiser MX880


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1. Woodied/Cabled Magnum v4

2. AD900

3. MS2

4. Woodied SR60



1. B2

2. HF5

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1. Grado SR225i - Found for a good price so upgraded from 125's.  Better tonal balance and air.


2. Grado SR125i - Got at a discount from a local shop. Loved the bright sound.


3. ATH M50 - Not a fan of v-shaped sigs but solid bang/buck set.


4. Ety HF5 - Sterile, almost too much so.  Great for analyzing, not as great for leisurely enjoyment.


5. AKG K430 - Decent portable set with no significant flaws, though lacking a tad in detail retrieval.


6. JVC FX101 - Fat sub-bass and when EQ'd, surprisingly good clarity.


7. SHE3580 - Fun sound sig that EQ's very well


8. TDK BA100 - Warm and slightly congested though very non-fatiguing


9. Ety ER6i - Something about the timbre seemed off and unnatural.


10. Senn CX300 - Flabby flabby bass

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Since I've already ranked the current headphones I own, I figure I'll rank all the headphones I've ever owned. (Or, rather, the headphones I've owned since I really got into headphones)


1. Sony MDR-CD900ST. As mention for the last few of my rankings, they are the absolute king of the mid range.


2. AKG K601. Before the CD900ST's these had the best mids of any headphone I owned. I had certainly heard better, but for their price, they just couldn't be beat. I also loved how comfortable they were. I'm sort of missing these now, but I gave them up to move on to better things (eventually).


3. AKG K271. Really fantastic bang-for-the-buck. Incredible isolation, wonderful mids, and a very detailed, yet smooth sound. They stayed in my collection longer than any other headphone.


4. Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80. Headphones just don't get more comfortable than this. Their isolation is also very good, and their smooth, warm sound was quite a treat.


5. Sony MDR-7509. I actually think these sound better than the Beyers, but I put them behind them just because of that unbeatable comfort. These have a pretty huge soundstage for being a closed headphone, and their warm mids is really something different. Not used to mids being so warm, but it's really nice with certain artists.


6. Ultrasone Pro 750. I think I would have liked these more if I had them as a secondary 'phone. I had traded my K601's for them, and at the time the added treble and bass energy was really exciting. The more time I put on them, however, I noticed their mids were really, really bad. Like, worse than my XB700's. They did offer some upgrades over them, most notably the incredibly clean and tight bass. There was still plenty of quantity too, but I was just totally blown away by the level of control on the bass. Much better than my DT770 Pro's or my friend's Denon AH-D2000's.


7. Koss Pro DJ 100. A well rounded headphone with a nice mid range and a reasonably large soundstage, at least coming off my V6's at the time. In the $50 price range, they were pretty much impossible to beat.


8. Sony MDR-V6. I think I generally like these more than the DJ100's, but that's probably due to familiarity bias. I just love the fact that they fold, they isolate pretty well, they sound very good, and are more comfortable than the Koss's.


9. Sony MDR-XB700. These are another headphone that are very dear to my heart, and I kind of miss. Their mids were kind of bad, and their bass was kind of loose, but when you got a good amp behind them they really cleaned up. Very large soundstage, incredible comfort, and spiked bass and treble made they very nice for gaming and movies.


10. Sony MDR-ZX700. I really like their comfort and isolation, and their soundstage and imaging are pretty neat, but their sound is just so harsh. If I want to listen to music on these I have to turn the volume down because the sibilance is just so bad. I like them for games and movies though...


11. AKG K81DJ. This is another case where I think they sound better than the headphone above, but they lose out due to comfort. Their sound is really warm and pleasant, but the headband dug into my head so bad I had to get rid of them. Does anyone know if the K181's have a bigger headband?


12. Koss KSC-75. We've all heard how great the KSC-75's are, so I won't go into detail, but headphones in this price range just don't get better.

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1. W1000X
Too soon to decide between these two, edging towards the W1000X
1. Ultrasone Signature Pro
2. FX-700
3. DT-990 Premium
4. IE8
5. W3
6. Ultrasone DJ1 (bang for buck)
7. SM3
8. SM2
9. Atrio MG5
10. Atrio MG7
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This is hard.


Only clear on the 1,3 and 5.


1 Ultrasone HFI 780

2 close tie Sennheiser HD 555 with HD 595 mod and Grado SR 80

3. Audio Technica ATH-A700

4 close tie Sennheiser PX100 and Yuin PK2
5 Pioneer SE-M390

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