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1. HD600 (most balanced I've heard till now)

2. Beyer T70p (despite the higher price, was a bit too bright for me)

3. Monster Pro Turbine Copper (very good IEM, but not comparable to full-sized can yet)

4. Etymotic Hf2 (decent IEM, sound was a bit thin)

5. Bose IE1 (bass was great, highs were non-existent)





6. Beats Studio (a joke of a headphone)

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1. Denon AH D 5000 (worth every penny)

2. Sennheiser HD 650 (very nice, dark sound not for everyone but I love it)

3. Audio Technica ATH M 50 (great all rounder best in price range)

4. JVC HARX 700 (surprisingly good for the money)

5. Beats Solo (sounds muddy, travels well)

6.Sony MDR XB 700 (great bass but upper ranges are too sharp. Needs EQ)

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Ok, I would do two different ranking.


First ranking, in term of absolute sound quality:

1- hd800
2- srh940
3- hd595
4- senn IE7
5- yamaha eph-100
6- hd25

7- k317
8- pmx 680
9- ksc75


Second ranking, I'd say in term of satisfaction for the buck, frequency of use,  convenience of use (portability, isolation, etc).

1- srh940 (cracks ....)
2- hd800 (let's hope, they 'll remain intact)
3- hd595 (cracks, teared up ear pads)
4- yamaha eph-100
5- k317 (died, but that's my fault)
6- senn ie7 (occasional problems after at least 3 year of use).
7- hd25 II
8- pmx680
9- ksc75


Both ranking are subject to change , nothing definitive, just sharing my current impressions.

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After some more listening and time, I think two rankings is probably more fair:


- Grado RS-1i
- Koss ESP/950
- Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9
- Sony MDR-F1


- Koss ESP/950
- Sony MDR-F1
- Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9
- Grado RS-1i

Both are very tight groups. All four are absolutely great imho. smily_headphones1.gif

In terms of my mobile sets:

- Denon AH-C751
- Koss R/80
- Sony MDR-EX082

The Koss would score at the top if isolation weren't a consideration. redface.gif
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1. Ultimate Ears Triple-Fi 10

2. Magnum V4

3. Earsonics SM3 V2








4. Ultrasone Pro 900 (one of the most bloated, worst sounding headphones i've ever heard)

5. Westone UM3X

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1. Koss Pro DJ100

2. AKG Q701

3. AKG K601

4. Sennheiser HD-580

5. Sennheiser HD-598

6. KRK KNS-8400 '


Out of all of these, the DJ100 and Q701 get the most use.

Somehow the HD-580 has surpassed the HD-598. Don't know how that happened.

Sometimes the 580 just sounds more accurate. Mine doesn't sound like the HD-600, but close.

I do miss the soundstage of the 598 and it's mids. 598 is also a bit more fun to listen to though.

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1. AH-D5000 (no mods) 2012 model

2. HE-400 (second rev)

2.5. Fostex T50RP (stock..........NOT!)

3. Q701 (recently returned)

4. Alessandro MS2i

5. Ultrasone HFI 780

6. DT-990 600

7. DT-880 600



1. Monster Miles Davis Tribute

2. TripleFi 10




Little Dot Mk II with all Russian tubes (stellar for all phones) <---- I don't know why it is, but I love this amp over everything listed below.


Little Dot Mk III with Russian/Mullard

Little Dot I+ Hybrid

Schiit Asgard

Objective 2

Fiio E17

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1:akg k702

2:beyerdynamic dt 770 consumer edition 2005.

3:sennheiser hd 800

4:sennheiser hd 650

5:denon ahd 7000.


1:westone 4

2:westone 3

3: grado gr 10

4: klipsch xi 10


the akg k 702 are my favorites of the bunch. i drive them with either a combination of antelope zodiaz silver and beyerdynamic a1 or an asus xonar essence stx with the beyerdynamic a1 or the asus alone.


if i had only one pair to choose in my bunch. akg k702.

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Originally Posted by erikfreedom View Post

1:akg k702

2:beyerdynamic dt 770 consumer edition 2005.

3:sennheiser hd 800

4:sennheiser hd 650

5:denon ahd 7000.

lol, poor denons

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From what I currently own based on pure sound quality/enjoyment:
1. HD800
2. LCD2r1 (comes close to the HD800 in preference but the HD800 still wins)
3. Se535

From what I have owned in the past/own right now based on sound quality/enjoyment:
1. HD800
2. LCD2r1
3. Shure se535
4. AKG Q701
5. Grado SR325i
6. Beyer T5p
7. B&W P5
8. Sony XB500 (I'm not much of a basshead)
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1. LCD-2 Rev. 1

2. Ultrasone Pro 900

3. Darth Beyer V3 deep cup

4. Sony MDR-XB700

5. Denon AH-D1100

6. Sony MDR-XB1000


 Headphones I really would like to try are the Denon AH-D5000/7000, Mad Dog's, JVC DX1000's, V-Moda M-100's, and Terminator V4's.

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Sennheiser IE8i
Monster Miles Davis Tributes
Monster Turbine Pro Gold
Diddy Beats
Meelctronics M9p
Brainwavz Beta
JVC Extreme Explosives
Monoprice 8320 x2

T'he Beats Pro and Detox in my avatar are knockoffs. I use the IE8is, Pros and the Detox for the gym (I also get a great neck workout with them). The MTPGs and the 8320 are what I listen to the most. If I'm listening to a song with vocals I'll plug in my MDs, but I dont listen to them very much. The Diddy Beats were my first set of mid priced IEMs and they are what got me into Head-fi. The M9p, Beta and JVCs I got yesterday and am in the process of burning them in. My two faviorites are the Monoprice because of the sound to price ratio(love how they sound) and the Turbines.
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1. HD800
2. T1
3. LCD2 r1
4. Denon AH-D7000
5. Grado SR80i

LCD2 on third mainly because of the weight and discomfort.

Sound Quality-wise,

1. LCD2 r1
2. HD800
3. T1
4. Denon AH-D7000
5. Grado SR80i
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Originally Posted by dleblanc343 View Post

HD 800's: Couldn't be happier with these headphones, in a different league from what I've owned or own presently

HE 500's: Most accurate headphones I've ever heard to my ears; very natural. Nice bass impact and bloom.

LCD 2 rev2 (previously): Fun sounding headphone with nice bass and midrange presence. Very mediocre in the upper mids and highs. Not necessarily my cup of tea; find it overrated personally. Not comfortable.

HD600's/ HD650's (previously): Very good considering the price you can get them for online. Very natural sounding again but not as much microdetail as the hifiman. Slight preference to the 600's.

IE8's: Very fun and dynamic headphone. Unnatural amounts of bass, but it's fun when on the go/ daily commute.

Fostex T50RP Paradox: Most neutral sounding headphone I've ever heard. Best closed can I own... Comfortable. Easy to EQ. Lacks detail retrieval due to driver limitations.

Grado Alessandro MS2i: Meant to be magnumized but got HE500's instead. Very dynamic headphone, amazing bass. Use it to practice bass guitar.

Hifiman RE0's: For 70 bucks these are fantastic. Kind of lean in the bass department, but good when eq'd.

Shure SRH 440: What probably started the addiction. Very good price/performance ratio. Detailed and clear (sterile) mids. Lacking bass.

Shure SE215: Amazing comfort and isolation. Good build. Sound quality is good for the price; fun sounding signature.

And also, something I've owned but could not use at the time I owned it:( :

AKG K1000's: Got them by luck for a ludicrous price and sold them. Did not have anyway to use the xlr plugs during the week I owned it. Too bad.

Wow, great selection, they'd filing a missing persons report on me if I had this:)
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1.Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro 80ohms

2. going to buy Beyerdynamic DT 880 pro 250ohms or Audeze lcd-3

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