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1. Grado RS1 

2. SR-325i

3. ATH-M50S

4. SR-125


What they are plugged into makes a big difference too.  <-- (captain obvious)

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Originally Posted by tdockweiler View Post

1) DJ100/Tony Bennett (gets nearly everything right to my ears. Love it's addicting mids. Even it's bass is perfect to me)


Koss DJ100 and TBSE1 are the exact same headphone minus the TB signature?


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1. LCD-3

2. Mad Dog modified T50RP

3. LCD-2

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1) Denon D5000

2) Westone 3

4) Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro 250 ohm

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Originally Posted by Schonen View Post


Koss DJ100 and TBSE1 are the exact same headphone minus the TB signature?


Yes. Sound the same to me. Honestly i've never done an A/B comparison, but I know the DJ100's signature very well.

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1. Koss Pro DJ 100 / TB


I listen to this the most out of all my headphones. Weird. When I have a quick listen before bed i'll usually end up listening to it until 3am! This and the SR-225i have the most addicting mids i've heard.


2. AKG Q701


Sounds terrible with all my garbage tracks. Some Cantopop is unbearably bad on it. Love almost everything about it except for that issue. Owned it since October 2011 and it's a keeper this time around (K702 wasn't).


3. Sennheiser HD-580


I've been listening to this a lot more than the HD-598 lately. Is it better? Not really, but i'll rank it here now. The HD-600 puts me to sleep, but this is really fun to listen to. Not a ton of mid-bass and more treble than the HD-600 to my ears. Sounds clearer too. It's still a bit too warm and not as clear as it could be. Paid only $150 for it and quite the deal. Perfect for gaming.


4. Sennheiser HD-598


Haven't used this much lately, but I love it a lot. To me, it's quite smooth and nice for when I want to not be bothered by any of my very harsh and fatiguing tracks. Takes the slight edge off them kind of. I haven't felt like doing A/B comparisons with the 580. I'll enjoy both for what they are. The 598 has a much better soundstage though for sure and more forward mids. Less forward upper mids though I think. HD-580 has a little more bass and is slightly fuller sounding, but it's kind of annoying at times.


5. AKG K601


Love this headphone for gaming. This one gets nearly everything right for me. Seems to have boosted lower treble, which can be a bit of a problem.


6. KRK KNS-8400


This has dropped down on my list. Not sure why, but maybe just that I don't listen to it much. If I'm not listening to my DJ100 I rarely listen to my closed headphones. I think this one is a hidden gem for gaming. Feels like a poor man's Q701 that's closed and with more treble. Love Skyrim? You must try it with this. Just trust me on that. Competitive gamers who need a closed headphone should try this out.


7. AKG K240 Sextett


My pair sounds pretty good (finally). Instruments sound very realistic. The mids on my pair sound neutral, but there seems to be slightly forward upper mids and not enough low bass extension and not enough treble. Imaging and soundstage accuracy is impressive. Mine is recabled with Mogami W2893. I don't know..the sound signature seems a bit goofy. The mids are very full sounding and not even remotely thin.

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1. Digitech (Jaycar) Pro Monitors
2. Alessandro MS1

3. Koss PortaPro

4. Monoprice 8320

5. Brainwavz HM3

6. No Brand Name Hello Kitty In Ear

7. Panasonic RP-HTF600-S

8. JVC Marshmallows



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AIAIAI tma-1
Beats studio
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1. Harman Kardon BT 

2. Sony MDR-EX1000 


3. Sony MRD-EX700 


4. AKG  Q350 

5. Rockford Fosgate Punch Plugs 


6. Beats Studio 

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1. Sony MDR-CD900ST's.

Still the reigning king of the mid range. Don't think anything is going to be topping them anytime soon.


2. Sony MDR-7509

Just got these yesterday, and have really been enjoying my time with them. Pretty warm sounding overall, though some of the treble frequencies are a little boosted, and the upward extension is good. Soundstage is really huge for a closed headphone, makes them really awesome for movies and games. At first the mids on these sounded a little recessed, but they're just lacking that upper mid-range bump. They're more focused on the lower mid range, which suits female vocals very well.


3. Sony MDR-ZX700

A little bright in the upper-mids and highs. Kind of remind me a little bit of a Grado. I find myself needing to turn the volume down to prevent myself from getting fatigued, but once I do that, I find plenty to like about these. The soundstage in particular has me impressed. The forward projection of the sound has more depth than the other two headphones I own. I would have figured these would be better for small acoustic arrangements, but I find myself preferring just regular ol' mid-size band arrangements. More than anything though, these have me very interested in the Z1000's.


Oh, one thing that really, really bugs me about the ZX700's is I can't use them with my Little Dot I+. They are very, very, very noisy out of it. I have no idea why it's so noisy, and it bugs the hell out of me.

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Sennheiser HD-650

AIAIAI tma-1

Grado SR-60i

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1. Audez'e LCD-2





2. Sennheiser HD650


3. Grado SR80i

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Wow, some of you guys have such crazy setups. I only have a pair of Grado SR225's that are currently being modded atm with new cables/drivers...I sent them to Chris_Himself directly after ordering from Amazon so I haven't even been able to listen to it yet. Super excited as I have never listened to a real pair of headphones. The only pair of headphones I have listened to were Beats, =/

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Digitech Pro Monitors

Sennheiser HD448


Fostex T50RP modded



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I’ve updated my headphone inventory.




1. LCD-3 - I was not a fan of the LCD-2 but the LCD-3 (RMA model) are more comfortable, have better sound staging and imaging and a more lively midrange and treble. The bass is still amazingly accurate and deep. They’re slightly forgiving of weak recordings while still being capable of show stopping performance with well recorded, complex songs.


2. Magnum v4 with flat pads - They take everything I love about the RS1 but make the highs less sibilant and the midrange less shouty. A very fun headphone that, imo, benefits greatly from the flat pads that add some sweetness to the mids, oomph to the bass, and further reduces treble harshness.


3. Grado SR60i - They have their issues with treble and aren’t technically up there with the high end Grados but they can be plugged into any iPod and sound good. i can toss them into a backpack and not worry about them.


4. hisoundaudio PAA-1 Pro. Wonderful little earbuds. I can’t get used to IEMs so these little buds are my portable earphones. When I’m at work or outside and need to hear a little external noise, I’m not too worried about amazing detail retrieval or technicalities. What I want is just an appealing tonality and thats what the PAA-1 Pro deliver. The bass is nice and punchy and mids are warm and a little up front. For around 40 bucks, I think these are a no brainer.



If we include the headphones I’ve had the past few months (and have since sold or am in the process of selling):


1. LCD-3

2. Grado HP-1 (It was hard to sell these but I knew they would get minimal head time with the LCD3 around and I can’t afford to keep almost 2 grand worth of headphones sitting on a rack)

3. Sennheiser HD800 

4. Magnum v4

5. Grado PS1000

6. Grado PS500

7. Grado GS1000

8. Alessandro MS2

9. Grado SR60i

10. hisoundaudio PAA-1 Pro

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