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More bang/buck: Power Cond. or DI/O?

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Hi, all.

What do you reckon would give the most bang for the buck: a Monster HTS1000 or a used Art DI/O? Our house was recently built and I can imagine the power is pretty filthy.

The monster is $85 http://store.yahoo.com/efunctional/mp-hts1000.html , at a hefty discount to it's retail of $150.

- Matt
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What cd player are you currently using? I'm very tempted to recommend the DI/O, but I have very lttle experience with it and no experience with that particular power conditioner.
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...a Panasonic DVD-A player. Really, I guess the question should be "is

DI/O benefit
DI/O cost (in this case "plus attenuated output mods/cables and PS"...approx $350)

<, > or =

HTS1000 benefit
HTS1000 cost (approx. $85)

So, if it's a small absolute difference, the HTS1000 wins.

- Matt
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What model is the Panasonic? Also, is there any reason you aren't considering a BPT unit? A BP Jr would be about the same cost as a modded DI/O.
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Panasonic DVD-A7

WHat's that (BPT)?

- Matt
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BPT is balanced power technologies http://www.b-p-t.com. Look on their page for an explanation of what balanced power is. I haven't heard your Panasonic, and I haven't really heard a DIO, but all I can say is that power conditioning makes something good better but doesn't make something decent good.
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hey matt,

i'll start by saying i've heard the hts1000 but not the di/o. don't expect the monster unit to do much sound wise, maybe a bit blacker background, but improvements won't be had audibly until you move to the next level of conditioners. *but* seeing that you live in florida you really should invest in good surge protection, there's no point in losing the high-fi from a a lightning strike or a voltage spike. i've seen the hts2000 which has better filtering for a bit more than your price listed, and i do prefer it to the hts1000... the few dollars difference is worth it imo. line conditioners make a drastic difference to well set up/matched systems, and i agree strongly with jon's words, but surge protection is really the selling point of the monster line.

if you've already got your equipment protected i say jump on the di/o. enough good things have been said about it to warrant an audition, and it's still popular enough to easily sell should it not be an improvement to the analog stage of your dvd-a.

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Sorry, I haven't read your post or the rplies so far, but my opinion FWIW is that you should save your pennies for a better all-in one source, rather than going the separate DAC route.

There is NO REASON TO BUY A POWER CONDITIONER if you are plugging work-a-day mass market products into it. Power conditioning only becomes cost effective when you've ALREADY got quality sources and amplificiation.

Power conditioning is a way of getting EXTRA out of already good/great equipment, not of turning crappy equipment into good.

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If it's a choice between the DAC and the Monster, GO WITH THE DAC!!!
As everyone else has said, power conditioning just lets you get the most out of good stuff; it dosen't improve crappy stuff. Whereas with the DAC, you can take a mediocre CD player and use it as a pretty darn good CD transport. Of course, if it's total crap anyway then it's kindof worthless, so I'd save up for a new CDP.

*reads earlier posts*

DVD-A, eh?
Get the DAC.
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I would say if you did not get the power conditioner, and then a surge or a brown-out destroys your equipment, then you made the wrong choice.
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Heh, but he should have his stuff hooked up to a UPS anyways... (even a 200va model! A UPS is a surprisingly good surge protector, and will NOT stop protecting after the first surge, unlike 99% of 'outlet-strip' surge protectors...)
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