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Or better yet, get some wave 8 and a pair of monitors.
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get 2 mini hifi's.

That's what im doing atm...beats the hell outa ne pc speaker system.

Or look at the top of the range midilands...but 2 mini hifi's are cheaper and sound better
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Videologic = expensive?

Videologic Digitheatre DTS $335
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Thanks for all the input.

I ended up getting the Cambridge Soundworks' FourPointSurround 1600 (FPS 1600)

It is good- for it's target market that is- and that's a cheap 4.1 solution for gaming and casual mp3 listening.

I was really disappointed about the bloated boomy bass, but the remedy for that is to block up the bass port. Things are half bearable now.

The other revelation is the near absent midrange. Male vocals sound thin, and female vocals lose their charm.

Now I really appreciate the importance of good midrange.
For music I'd rather sacrifice deep bass to have beatiful midrange and sweet treble.

So in conclusion these are a far cry from real [bookshelf] speakers. But then speakers cost at least twice more.
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My wife has the digital Soudworks hooked up to her G4 and it sounds really, good. I have the lower version out in the garage with an iPod. And it really sounds good too. So for $80 up you should be abl to find some decent sound. I think www.hifi.com has a good return policy too.
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digital Soudworks?

do you know the exact model name of this.

it's not the FPS 2000 digital is it?

i dunno. either way i'm now resigned to think that computer speakers represent a greater compromise and thus do not sound as good as even budget bookshelf speakers.

on the other hand i was so impressed with the Tannoy Mercury mX2 budget bookshelf speaker, i think my next purchase is a pair of the newly revised mX2-M.
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