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Interconect Cables  

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lou, sorry, gonna rant on ya mainly because of the " I am pissed if and you really dont want that" part of your post.

i'm not going to even touch the cable thing, i've said quite a bit on the subject in the past. what does bother me though is the posting of new threads on old topics without usefull/new information. i usually ignore these deals, but the overwhelming amount of ***** you've been posting lately is getting to me man... how about pulling an old thread and just posting to that instead?

nothing too personal, just a suggestion. feel free to flame me in return.
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Don't be pissed off, enjoy the improvement!
My sad experience is that more expensive cables are usually better. I haven't yet found the $50 cable that blows out everything else. Would like one, but don't expect to find one.
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use the ******** SEARCH!!!
here's the link

you can search by clicking on the button that says "search". It's located in a menu of 7 buttons on top right side of the page, second one from the right.
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Lou, being that Headfi is a collection of nothing more than opinions, I would suggest you refrain from making comments like that. As it is I personally do not feel interconnects make such a huge difference that I should forgo buying something else over the sake of buying an interconnect. Interconnects are the last thing I would buy for my system, and I would not spend exuberant amounts on a pair either. I certainly wouldn't want to spend my time trying to A/B interconnects either. I think I'd break my ears before figuring out any differences between cables.

In all instances, the differences cables make to my ears are not huge. Going from a $12 Radio Shack cable to a $325 Cardas Neutral Reference is not like going from stock headphones to a $269 Etymotic. To this date one jump still gives me placebo effects, and the other jump is clearly night and day.
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IMO, cables are the "final" link in a good system. Unless you have a good source, good amp, and good headphones (or speakers), the differences cables can make either won't be audible or won't be worth the money, considering that you'll have bigger weaknesses elsewhere.

But if you have "good" stuff everywhere else, cables can definitely improve your system. On the other hand I would never spend more on my cables than on any other part of my system.
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my mistake

(but the overwhelming amount of ***** you've been posting lately is getting to me.)CARLO I do not intend to flam you. That would serve no purpose. But if you dont like my post dont read them. And I dont wont to get to you, as you stated. I mean I whont be able to sleep at nite knowing that carlo. Lets read your great post instead. I mean you know so much and none of it is **** right carlo. If you feel that I am doing something wrong hit the modorater button and file a complant if you know how to find it carlo. Dont just act like a dispontant pore guy. Tell the modorater that I am posting **** and I am sure they will do something about it. Now I am sorry for posting my first post. I was mad and that is no excuse for showing that I was mad. but carlo I will read your post for I am sure that they are much more important than my post right carlo. I have made many members laugh and some members had some fum. Sorry if that dont agree with you carlo. I will stop it now and try to settle down for I really dont whont to make any foes. Have the modorators talk to me and I will do as they suggest. Lets try not to let this become to personal carlo. Team stupid is gone if that brother you. Is there anything else that you would like for me to do carlo. Just ask for I can be a reasonable man. and I mean man. In closing I am sorry if I upset you. But carlo dont upset me either. Lets be friends. OK
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wow, my name 11 times in one post, fancy!

once again lou, it wasn't meant as a personal attack, more that the topic has been discussed ad nauseum, and while your opinion is as valid as any one else's, there's not much point it posting an essential flame to a group of people here with out any substantial info. that's all i'm saying.

and, btw, as many here know, i don't claim to know a hell of a lot about audio. but i will share my opinions. i applaud you for doing the same, just don't start a new thread each time.

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Thanks for that information. I would never have found it with out your surcastic help. I will refram from saying something to you that would not be nice. Have a nice nite autio&me.
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see, now this would be a worthwhile thread to delete. *take notes moderators!
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