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Cheap Monster power line conditioning?

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Will this be any good? Will it get me "most of the way there," without getting into diminishingreturnsland?


- Matt

(it's the HT200 power strip with the first-level power filtering...whatever that means).
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Depends how you define cheap. I have had the HTS5000 and the new 1100. They are both fine products, but the 5000 was better (of course, it's 3 times as much). Some people here will tell you these are both cheap units, some ridiculously expesnive.

FWIW, personally, I wouldn't dip below a 1100 ($199) with a power conditioner. Anything less is probably money down the drain.

It's not a matter of "diminishing returns", but one of "getting any benefit at all".

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This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for. So I'm inquiring along with you Matt if that's okay
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I have been looking around for power solutions for a while. My experience is that power cords help, but I also want something that cleans AC at the source.
The unit you are asking for seems primarilly to protect against power spikes that can destroy equipment. That can be a good thing but doesn't improve sound.
For a test of how Monster power conditioners not reduce AC distortion, see link below.
Maybee, they do something else that is good, I do not know.

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...Monster products that have the "Level 1" (or whatever it's called at the first level) *specifically* have graphs n' **** on their boxes (see the low end stuff at Best Buy, etc. with the L1 cleaning) that indicate that dirty power becomes substantially cleaner with their technology. They are very specific about this stuff...check out the boxes.

On the other hand, you're right: why throw even $30 down the drain? It just seems like I'd get some sort of something via this, based upon their graphs and stuff.

With regard to the linked article, they specifically show a "dirty" wave form (with lots of spiky, higher frequency info added in) and then the result, a nearly-perfectly-smooth sine wave. This seems to take care of the article's questions.

Note this from the article: "We are not trying to pick on either of these units, as they are fine units - in fact, the Monster unit in particular is a very good sounding unit when your system is connected. It just isn't a Power Plant, and can never hope to be." Hmmm...if the $30 year 2002 version can do a similar job, that's pretty OK, I'd say, especially in light of the meaning of the above statement.

I've tried the RatShack "AC line filter" and it was ****...but it never claimed to out-and-out "clean" the power like this does.

Any experience, anyone? I'd hate to mis-speculate and miss out on a great cheap tweak (which others, I'd imagine, are interested in), but I'd rather not bother if someone can solidly tell me that this product is ****.

Thanks so far, ladies.

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Monster just upgraded its power conditioner line. Last time I looked, there were a bunch of the old line being sold on e-bay for fairly low prices. The HTS-2000, at a really nice price/performance point, was selling for about $105 (I bought a second one to complement the one I already had). It originally sold for $199. This is their old Level 2 conditioner which received some really nice reviews. I wouldn't recommend anything below this one in the Monster lineup, either old or new.
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...very interesting. Well, I've e-mailed the Monster question people to find out exactly what I'm looking at as far as that article is concerned.

Hirsch: I looked again and their specs said that the Level 1 filtering was "version 2.0." Could this be the upgrade across the lines? I'm curious to know what exactly they improved.

Thanks for the help so far, all.

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...found the HTS-1000 for pretty cheap:


According to their website, this is the cheapest Level 2 cleaner they make. I might just get this.

- Matt
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The Monster site indicates that this is the same conditioning found in the HTS-2000. I'd go for it.
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How about this: http://www.panamax.com/products/prod...?sName=GRM7830

These used to sell for $300. Just another option for you.
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Monster Line

OK, y'all...just got off the phone with the owner of Power Systems. He sells both Panamax and Monster Products and sounded very much like he knew what he was talking about, etc. His claim of "product knowledge" seems true to me.

Anyhow, I asked him, amongst other things, about the Panamax vs. the Monster line. Here are some of his statements, based upon his experience, but mostly his customer feedback about units:

1. The Panamax line are far superior for surge protection.

2. The revised Monster line (the "Version 2.0" Levels) are noticeably better than the Panamax line for filtration (again, the Panamax's are far superior at power surge protection).

3. The pre-"Version 2.0" Monster products are not nearly as good as the "Version 2.0" products. He stated that the V2.0 products have been "gutted and completely re-worked from the ground up."

4. The HTS1000 (a non-"Version 2.0" product) is a "glorified power strip" and the filtration is worse than both the revised Monster products and the Panamax products.

5. Though the HTS1000 "looks like a strip" (the term "strip" having derogatory implications), it is not; rather, it's a compact, strip-like power unit, more in the vein of one of their component-style pieces.

With these in mind, the cheapest way to get the better filtration (remember we are not talking the absolute best, but rather the "cheap" best) is to purchase the Monster MPB1100 Powerbar. Best Buy sells it for $199, he does it for $149.


- Matt
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Oh my...

...I found it for even less:


Shipping is $12 for 5 business day, insured shipping (I assume UPS ground with insurance). At first I balked at the shipping cost, but it makes sense, since they double box it and it's heavy to begin with. So, the final price is $140.95.

Looks like a darn good deal to me: 35% off retail ain't bad!

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