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I got my denon dcp-100 :D happy dance

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I bought it on ebay for 112$ HAHAHA! great deal.

I only have the sony EX-70LP as headphone for now.
It a shame that I broke my grado 80 about a year ago. trying to open it without being aware that this forum exist.

also I mainly listen to classical.

Well It sound amazing. beat my pana 570. I'd say sound fuller, smoother, cleaner and a has more define sound stage. Meaning my pana sound a bit thin, harsh and I have a bit less instument separation. But I'm still amaze how well the pana hold up each time I switch back to it. There is not that much difference when the music is not too complicate ie. solist part. But when it come to full orchestra with everyting going at once it give the punch it need to sound amazing. That one of the few thing that dissapointed me in the ex-70 they are not able to reach the full range of a good orchestra finaly. So when I got my telarc tchaikovsky 1812 DSD I was wondering what was the fuss with it. I had the dorati/mineapolis symphony version and found it more enjoyable. But with the denon it is much much better now the cannon sound good. Analyticaly maybe not that much but you can feel the music much better and it's much more enjoyable. I can use the tape mod now because I'v alway feel that the ex-70/pana combo lack of mid bass and the low bass cover the little mid-bass that it has The tape mod diminish even more mid base depending on which music but for some it sound realy weird. The denon has a tight well define base so the tape mode is fine.

Ok the bad side is the batteries are long death and impossible to find. So I went to radioshack and bought a 8 batterie holder, hook it up to a wallwart plug. And plug it in the denon. Well it work realy well, except that it drain the 8 batteries a bit fast. I was wondering if it can hurt my player to put batteries instead of the wallwart? anyway

Also there is no anti-skip but it come with what I call a mannual antiskip, a genuine denon "BAG" easy you put your player in the bag and hold it in your hand. If your carefull not to swing your arm around and it doesn't skip at all. I can even run and jog if I bend my arm 90 degree and hold the bag abit in front of me. you just have to hold your had steady compensating for every step. After awhile you get used to it and it doesn't skip at all. I went from school to home that include bus and metro and it only skip once. When I bang my player on a chair because the bus stopped suddently.Oh ya it's all metal look very solid. In the bus I could also put the player over by bag over my lap without skipping.

Well I'm very happy with it. Next step is to save a bit and get some ety. I can't wait to hear how they will sound with the denon.
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Welcome to Head-Fi, Dan. Congratulations on your new portable. I think you've illustrated one of the problems with obtaining older, better built, and often better sounding portable CDPs.........the damned batteries are either non-existent, very expensive, or last only a few hours. As long as they're hooked up to a wall wart, though, many of them, such as the Sony D25, are great values. Enjoy!
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I hope that work here some picture of the battery pack I'v made.

Sorry for the crappy quality I just have the one of cheapest webcam availlible
[Image Lost Sorry]

this thing drain 8 batteries a bit fast but at least I can move around with it. Just have to keep 16 batteries and charging one set while listennig with the other.
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wait till you get the ety . I got the telarc 1812 and the transient on the bass drum and percussion are outstanding.
BTW what is the headphone output in mw. on your denon.
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The mannual say the output is 9mW (32ohm)
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