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Case for the SlimX?

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I need a good carrying case for the iRiver SlimX that can clip on to my belt, and is generally small - any ideas?

Or, is it possible to just purchase a clip with adhesives and trust that it won't fall off?

Thanks in advance,

(By the way, the SlimX rocks... 2 things though, the hiss through it's built in amp on it's headphone out, and the navigation menu font is TOO BIG, if you could all email iRiver suggesting that it be a bit smaller and hope that they fix this in a future firmware upgrade, it would be appreciated : )
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I personally use a cd player case like a caselogic product. It has a belt loop and can hold additional cds. Of course you know that.
If you want a case designed for the slimx, go to www.3cube.com, they are a singapore based dealer of iriver who have a case that looks like it fits the slimx like a glove. I haven't yet figured out how to send them the funds(about $20 US). I know it's expensive compared to domestically available cases, but I believe it was made exclusively for the slimx. They say deliver time is 14 days for me in Hawaii, I don't know how long for you. I don't think it has a belt clip, but hey you could sew one on.
My generic case is a bit bulky, and I've found that I very rarely change discs in one listening. If you like I could send you a copy of the email I recieved from them suggesting payment options.
I like this player so much, twenty bucks for a custom case seems like a small price to pay.
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sorry, my mistake...it's W3cube.com
happy shopping
sorry for the post, I just checked the edit button and am humbled
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