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Relativity: Airhead, TAH, Supreme

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Hm. This came to mind the other day. If Headroom says that the Airhead performs at 80 per cent of the Supreme's level. Where does that place the Total Airhead with its upgraded components? At 90 per cent the performance of a unit that costs over twice as much? That would be hard to believe.
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Most things that sound too good to be true usually are. I find it hard to relate to percentage numbers, so maybe that's where the problem is. I found the TA to be noticably better than the regular airhead, but the supreme is better than the TA by an even wider margin. And then there's the MOH. I own these, but I haven't heard the others much.

I gathered up all of my headroom amps (except the regular airhead which is on a long term loan, so I went by my memory of previous comparisons) and gave a quick listen. Here's how I would rate them, on a scale of 0 to 10:

Maxed-out Home: 10
Total Airhead: 4
Regular Airhead: 2
Portable Output (no amp): 0.5
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Kurt, don't you also have a Corda? Where would that fit in?
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Sometime, probably at the upcoming Bay Area Head-FiWizer meeting, I'll bring all of my amps together for a direct comparison. I'll give you my current impression of them all now, subject to change upon further review:

Berning micro-ZOTL: 11, very liquid and musical
Maxed-out Home: 10, fast and detailed
Corda HA-1: 8.5,very accurate, Crossfeed King
Supreme: 7, nice sound, nice package
Total Airhead: 4, great for the size
Regular Airhead: 2, good sound on a budget
Portable Output (no amp): 0.5, okay for the right cans
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