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Stax ED-1 equalizer = out of head soundstage?

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Does anyone have any experience with the ED-1 equalizer? Can it really get the soundstage outside the head? Will it work with SRS-4040 system and Omega II? Thanks!


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The ED-1 Monitor and ED-1 Signature are for the Lambdas and have the 5 Pin Pro socket.

The ED-5 is for the SR-5 and has the 6 Pin Standard socket.

The Lambda Pro Classic and even more the SR-5 already have a very wide soundstage, better than the DT 990 (at least with my SRD-X). I had not the chance to try a DF EQed Stax yet, but several audiophile magazines and Stax dealers claim that the combination of a upper class solid state Stax amp + ED-1 + Lambda Pro gives the soundstage of a concert hall and beats the sh*t out of every speaker set. I think thats over the top, but if it would be only close to the truth, then it would be still very amazing. I think that might be the reason why ED-1s are so hard to get. The last ED-1 Monitor I saw on eBay caused a real bidding fight and the new owner paid about 250 Euro in the end. That was a still a bargain, I've seen much higher prices in the past. Maybe you can reach nearly the same with a good DSP for much less money.

The newer Stax Headphones are supposed to have a DF EQ characteristic build into the driver, so you shouldn't need an extra DF EQ. But as it doesnt harm the headphone someone should try it and tell us if the Omega2 get even better
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I have used my ED1 far field diffuser with both Omega2 and Lamda pros thru both a Stax srm1 mark2 and a headamp KGSS
The ED1 is astonishing with the Lamdas on music that has a fair amount of reverb. The soundstage is HUGE. Spreads from wall to wall. On recordings close miked with less natural reverb, the soundstage is larger with the ED1 but not to the extent of those with more natural reverb. This effect is independent and equal on both amps.
Now the tough part....................
Omega2s with the ED1 and KGSS......takes the fairly tight in head staging and throws it much wider, BUT might lose a smidgeon of the Omegas fine focus and spaceing specifity among individual sounds........very minimal.
For Lamdas...it is a must!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For Omegas...???????????
back to the Senn650s with the secret but phenominal IMHO Radii Hap-03 mark 2 tube amp.......what a match that is......but that is another thread
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Will ED-1 work with SRS-404 (5-pin PRO plug) and SRM-006t tube driver? How do you hook up the ED-1 to the system? Do you put it between the source and the driver amp by RCA interconnects like this?

Source (CD, DAC, etc) -> ED-1 -> SRM-006t -> SRS-404

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BTW, is there any aftermarket diffuse field equaliser made for the current Stax lineup to get the soundstage out of the head? Thanks!
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The only thing I found so far is this:
Passive EQ for Stax
Seems worth a try.
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There is a company called Pawel Acoustics that makes an EQ for Stax and some driveunits too. Then there is this
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Yes....the ED-1 is connected between source and amp by way of RCA interconnects. It will fit and should work just fine with the 404s, which are similar to the Lamda pros.
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Originally Posted by dannyandelyse
Yes....the ED-1 is connected between source and amp by way of RCA interconnects. It will fit and should work just fine with the 404s, which are similar to the Lamda pros.
Are there 2 different models of ED-1 (Signature and Monitor)? Why would the bias voltage matter if it goes between the source and the Stax amp? If there are indeed 2 different versions of ED-1, which one is suitable for 404?

Stax equalizer history

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You want the ED-1 Monitor, which is just the equalizer
or the SRM monitor which is the equaliser and amp combined. Both pro bias which the 404s are.If you are near NY ...you are welcome to have a listen.
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I have the ED-1 Siganture / SRM Monitor and the Pawel HP-1 for the SR007.


The ED-1 is a must for Lambdas!

Sometimes I like it also with the Sigmas (depends on the recordings)


Don't use it with the SR007.


I thought of selling my Sr007 but with the HP-1 it becomes really fantastic headphone.


I personally would prefer a Sigma or a Lambda Sig with ED-1 over a SR007 without HP-1


Regards Georg

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Just curious, how much does the HP-1 sell for? Their site only has a PDF file in german, not much else.

And besides the 007, which other earspeakers was it designed for?

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Dear gilency,


I bought my unit for 300Euro (used). But they were quite expensive when they were tested in the ausio magazines some years ago.


There are versions for stax  (202/303/404 Lambda Signature...SR007...)

Sennheiser HD800 as far as I heard.

AKG k1000 and some more...


Regards Georg


PS: I posted some pictures of that unit on the stax thread.

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Thanks for the information.
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Hello gilency,


I just checked the PDFs on pawel homepage.


The unit sold for 1200Euro (ten years ago!!!)


Regards Georg

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