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another chinese amp - SXT-2

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looks good

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Gorgeous-looking... but the sound is what matters...
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any links to this product ? I don't find it on google. Thanks
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I wonder if you can hear the noise from the fan motor?
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Beautiful, overkill maybe but what the hell.... nothing wrong with a bit of overkill!! what's the retail price (direct from source) before the greedy middlemen get their slice?

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I don't see that the input connectors are wired yet. So this looks
to be a very late prototype. There seems to be more than the
3 power supply connectors on the back of the amp.

The whole bottom of the thing is the heatsink for the 4 discrete
output transistors per channel. Dual mono, seperate power supplies
for each channel.

The wound laminated toroid transformers also a very nice touch.
Very low magnetic radiation.

If this was built in the usa it would be thousands of dollars.
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Is there any more information? Company name? Web site? Cost? It looks to be a hell of an amplifier. I need a good Chinese SS amp to go along with my ASL tube amp.
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Originally Posted by ReDVsion
Gorgeous-looking... but the sound is what matters...

So true. Now then....let's get one over to North America and start having a listen! I'm all for competition. If the Chinese can do it for cheap, with top quality build, top quality parts and the folks doing the work get fair wages, then yeah, go for it! Hook me way up!

As KG stated...many thousands...if this thing is like 600 or something and sound great, it will do very well.
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So how are they able to do this kind of work and charge stupidly low prices? Is it because the cost of labour is much cheaper?

I have notice an influx of tube amps and SS amps starting to come out of China. Any word on sound quality of these units.
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It might have something to do with the margin they are willing to accept.
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Originally Posted by pkshan
looks good
I am going to be in China in the middle of April. Any idea where I can see this amp or perhaps buy it.
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Wow that looks very well made, and those big torroids are beautiful... I'm with Pinky, a little bit of overkill can't hurt
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Has anyone heard it yet? Or know anything new about it? (price?)
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Wow, that looks really nice!

From the babelfish translation:
"SXT-2 fixes a price 3,400 Yuan (not to contain 鈻�, on October 1, 2005)."

3,400 Yuan = $421.00....

I find it impossible that that piece of equipment could cost so little...can anyone else perhaps translate the page better?
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The only thing I don't understand is the two 1/4 jacks instead of XLR's.
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