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Found a good place to get Oto-ease

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For those of you who have in ear phones.... oto-ease is a glycerin based lube for hearing aids, ear molds, and our beloved etys. It's made by Westone Labs and I hadn't been able to find it anywhere local. Anyway, I found a place that has it for $2.99 a bottle with free shipping for orders over $5 (so you get 2 bottles of Oto-ease, aka: a lifetime supply for $5.98 shipped). The website is pretty crappy but I ordered anyway. I was impressed, the lady shipped them out very quickly (that morning) and I received them today (2 days).

Anyway, here's the link for anyone looking for the stuff:


So far, no strange charges to my credit card. No, I'm not affiliated with them in any way, Just thought I'd share since it was BY FAR the cheapest place I found (see: places wanting $4 a bottle + $5 shipping)

quick review of the stuff: It's pretty good, I slathered a bit on my etys and shoved them in my ears... They went in smoothly (moreso than licking and sticking; as well as more sanitary) and actually felt nice and cool while I was inserting them. The rumor is that you'll get a slightly better seal with it as well. For $2.99, I'd recommend it to everyone with etys or other in ear monitors.
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Another "Thumbs up" for Otoease

I originally started using the stuff with my custom molded earplugs a year or so ago. After buying the Ety's, I used it with them as well. One small drop works for both plugs and makes insertion MUCHO easier. Comfort during extended wear is IMHO, substantially improved.

When out of Otoease, I've also used liquid KY for this purpose (Yeah, THAT kind of KY.) It works well, but tends to start potentially embarrassing conversations with total strangers...
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