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There is nothing wrong with a NetMD recorder, for sure, just that I think the software can be improved!

Hey Ken, did you get your recorder from Minidisc Australia?
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No I purchased at a adelaide retailer with the range to look at.
I was looking for sound quality. A friend had a couple of year old mini disc player and i liked the sound of that.

I had purchased 3 mp3 type players in a week chasing the sound i wanted. All players promise no skip , but only sony delivers never skip ever . Not only did sony sound the best I could change the bass and treble .

My old player had 2 aa batteries and would last in rechargable max 4 hours , sony with 1 rechargeable lasts about 10 or more.

No i did not know that there was such a place to purchase here in australia , but next time i will look around for price. I paid $650 for the mz-n707r with the remote. the remote is fantastic , i would never be with out the remote ever again.

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What MP3 players did you purchase, Ken?

And next time you want anything MD, try here:
Minidisc Australia

The remote is very cool. I could never be without one anymore. Pity that Sony didn't go the whole hog and supply the backlit one. And let me guess, did you have an R55 before your N707?
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k this is what I had

the mt-877, which was a very good machines with all the bells and whistles, xcept netmd, meaning I had to record my lp2 in real time...
I hated this: had to have a very high end source out of soundcard to record mp3s... (I did have a digital)

entering names

real time recording

the time space in between the songs to make a new track

the mircophone feature was the best, the size and build was amazing and the rechargable battery was nice

but I never used all that, and I always forgot to put the damned thing on the recharger

as well, on so-so recorded mp3's, the quality was getting really bad with lp2 mode

so I got the sony md 505
the amp isn't quite as powerful, however I never turned it up all the way anyways with the mt-877

I get better quality recordings for lp2 modes and I could do atract r mode with digital input

and I got names, could group
and make a new md in 4-5 mins

it takes the best of both world of minidisc and mp3s

so this is definately the way to go

however if you are a journalist or reporter,
the recording funcitons of the sharp mt-877 are amazing
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this is my first sony mini disc.
i thought that the mini disc was a doomed format , considering the recent arrival of mp3 format.

then i listened to a couple of year old mini disc player and found that the sound stage was very sorted out and that the sound stage on the other portables that i had was less defined and confused.

then i read that sony had continuosly improved the mini disc so that "the newer the better" so much so that lp2 was now better than the original standard play of the first mini disc units.

other things i like about the mini disc player is there is a "hold" on both the remote and the main unit. and that they operate seperately. so that the main unit hold locks the mainunit and the remote then has the exclusive control.

the sound of the sony is first class and because i can change the treble and bass thsi saves a lot of cable changing.

i do all my recording in lp2 and am very happy with it.

so i think you get what you pay for and sony have my admiration on this product.
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Newbie with minidisc recorder

Hi there,

I'm still very much a newbie with my Sony MZ-N1 recorder, and could use some suggestions on recording.

If I have a substantial (and growing) number of mp3's on my computer, how would I transfer them to my Sony minidisc recorder without using the OpenMG software?

Could I use WinAmp, with some sort of add-on to put individual track marks in at the beginning of each new mp3?

Just as an aside: I've recently been looking for CD burners as well, and a typical comment on theirs is "good hardware, but the software sucks!" <smile>

Dave in SLC
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i would use the software , theres a lot of conversions going on and while the software is getting a bad time , theres nothing wrong with it at all.

the sound results are first class.

make sure the mp3 are less than 250 and not var

the so called restrictions are not a problem to get around
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dmcity7 wrote: Could I use WinAmp, with some sort of add-on to put individual track marks in at the beginning of each new mp3?

Yep, that works fine if you have an optical out on your soundcard. Some folks have trouble getting the sync record to work depending on what OS/soundcard that have on their system. It works for me.

I'm still in the process of determining the best way to transfer MP3s and have only done optical recordings so far. I just started fooling around with OpenMG last night for MP3s. I didn't run into any problems coding VBR MP3s to ATRAC3, but I haven't really had time to evaluate the sound quality doing it this way.

I don't care much for OpenMG and have avoided it so far. The "MD Simple Burner" works great for recording form CDs if you don't mind recording in LP2. It's very limited but way better than OpenMG for recording from CD, in my opinion.

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i have over 10000 mp3 onmy computer, this has taken a long time and most 95% are off the cd's . So far i have picked what i want off 2500 cd's.

i have no problem with the mg software and it does not use the sound card at all , because i dont have a sound card at all at the moment. I have a 24/96 terriace or something like that sound card which i expect any day from the U.S.

i had audigy which i was happy with which one time lost its way and i had to reinstall to correct . so im looking forward to a better card. But it sold quickly on ebay

i am interested in the alternate software that you talk of.
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You can find the Simple Burner software here: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MZ-N1.html

All it does is copy from CD to your MD, but you don't have to go through the OpenMG software at all. It's quite fast. A nice little feature is that you can retitle the tracks on your MD with this software too.

Have fun!
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