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Denon DCD-1500II vs DCD-1500

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I have a chance to buy a Denon DCD-1500II later today, for $40.
I've been reading all the posts in the forum that mention the DCD-1500 and say it is a decent source. Does anyone know what the differences are between the 1500 and the 1500II?

Hopefully someone will read this in the next few hours

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I still have the Denon DCD-1500 that I bought in 1986. Very good player at the time. Little bit outdated now... Don't know the 1500 II but it is probably more modern version.
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I guess the real question is: Can I get something better for $40?
The answer is probably No, but I would love to hear otherwise

I really don't want to spend more than this, I wasn't even planning to buy a cd player, so I'm just going to go pick it up tomorrow.
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I owned both. The 1500 II had higher oversampling, I believe 8 x. The 1500 II remained my player for almost five years. Sort of a record.

Be very careful, test the player with several discs. Any 15 year old CD player is on borrowed time. If it mistracks it's not really worth fixing.

Built like a tank, but servos and lasers will fail sooner or later no matter how well they are built.
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Why are they not worth repairing?
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older cd players have moving parts, parts and labor to fix older equipment can be expensive...money that can finance part of a purchase of a newer (better!?) player
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Originally Posted by 450
Why are they not worth repairing?
In my case I have nak oms7 (orig, not 7ii) that needs $200 optics.

No matter how I loved that player, I'd rather get brand new NAD.

Back to Denon, my 1500ii still working like a dog in heat. Also a sony 302ES. One way to find out if optics are on their way out is to try track to track search. That sony ES jumped to another track before my finger even left the button.

There's a chance that I have an extremely good samples of vintage cdp though.
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Well, I went to see it and it was perfect. Played all the CDs I had with me.
Took it home and hooked it up. Open, put cd in, close. Aweful grinding noise!
I did remember to lock and unlock the transport mechanism and I was very careful on the way home. No idea how I managed to break it.
Now the tray doesn't always go all the way in and if you give it a hand while closing it only plays some CDs.
I'm going to see if I can fix it, it's probably not worth paying someone to do it. And if I can't fix it I'm only out $40, not the end of the world.
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