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LOTS of tube pictures!!! HUGE!!!
I looked around a little for my EL34 rolling and found an extensive information on the history of the EL34, in five parts, with lots of good pictures. The downside in that the pages are in German, but most of it is pictures and diagrams.
This is the introductory part:

Click on the links at the end of this page and you will also find:
Seite 2: Philips Group EL34 models
Seite 3: Other producers of NOS EL34
Seite 4: EL34 from East Germany
Seite 5: EL34 produced outside of Western Europe

If you enter only the main address in your browser, you will find even more pics on tubes and old gear.
Think you guys will like it!
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Originally posted by Anders
LOTS of tube pictures!!! HUGE!!!

I can't read the text but the pictures sure a great! If you like those you will probably like these pictures from the Museum of Lust:
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