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Nordost Red Dawn

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I was wondering if any one has tried a Nordost Red Dawn IC with an MG Head. I'm running a California Audio Labs CL-15 CDP > Cary Audio SLP-50B > MG Head OTL. My current IC is an IXOS Aptimus Perimeter. My current headphones are AKG-501's and Beyerdynamics 831's. Any opinions?????
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I haven't tried it with an MG Head, but I have tried it with my Naim gear. If you like a sound that is a little bright and very detailed, you will love this cable. Personally, I found it too thin and bright for my tastes. Maybe a tube amp will compensate for this to some extent.

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Agree with Ross, it is a good cable but a little on the bright side. I have tested it between solid state components. I already had the Red Dawn speaker cable that I got to a good price, but at least together, it became to bright. At that time, I had no power cables, this may reduce the brightness of the system. If you experience your system to be a little at the other side of brightness (soft, want more detail) it could be a good choice. Notice that this cable is not shielded, so place it as far from power leads and component as you can.
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Totally agree.

The Nordost Red Dawn is a very fine cable but tends to bring out a touch of brightness in my system.

I just recently upgraded my cables. I've got the following setup and am currently breaking in 3 sets of cables - each of the new cables are all silver coated and marked in red in the list below.

Krell MD10>--
Chord Prodac Coaxial Digital Cable>--
Krell Studio DAC>--
Nordost Red Dawn>--
Audiolab 8000q Pre-Amplifier>--
Chord Chorus>--
2 x Tube Tech Genesis monoblocks>--
2 x 5m QED Genesis Silver Spiral spkr cable - airlock terminations
ProAc Response 1SC Mini-Monitors on Target R4 stands

Over all the system is very dynamic and very musical but has a slight edginess to it on some tracks. This has only appeared since changing the cables but I expect much of the edginess to clear up once the cables are well broken in. They are only just over a week old now and i'm loath to change anything for a while. I'd prefer for things to settle in before I change anything.

I got the Red Dawns for £200 ex-demo from a local dealer and he has another pair that he's offered to me at £180 but i'm undecided. I would use them to replace the Chord Chorus between my pre-power amps but I don't want to make things to bright.

Will have to see what happens.

Sound As Ever
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