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A900 blu-tak mod pics - Page 4

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Originally Posted by donaldekelly
huh? Sorry, I don't understand

Oh - Spyderco Delica Serrated Knife

Is this knife-Fi.org?

Spyderco Delica SS(Stainless Steel)

I am a Knife collector and noticed the knife.
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All right, I did the mod already. Putting the pad back on wasn't half as hard as I expected though it is a bit annoying. I used the eyeball amount of blu-tak reccomendation and ended up with about a mm or so thick layer. I also put somewhere between 1/16 and 1/8 of a cotton ball in between the grey dads foam to soften the highs a bit.

The mids are definitely more prominent now. This is exactly what I wanted. The highs are a bit softer thanks to the cotton which is pretty good, though I tried it both with and without the cotton and I can't tell much of a difference between the echoed and echo-less highs; I never had a problem with them (or got used to them) so I expected that. With just the blu-tak, the bass seems to be about the same. The cotton takes a tiny bit away, but it's not really noticeable. Overall, great mod and it's not too difficult to do either. I got the urge to do it listening to some of the Beach Boys' harmonies earlier today and they sound much improved now. Piano and other such instruments sound great as well.
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Was looking through this thread in order to mod my A900s... but for whatever reason I can't see the pics. Maybe the pics got moved somewhere? Or maybe it's my web browser. Not sure which it is. Can someonne help?

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Links die after a while - either the site they are copied from gets changed or something else I am not aware of.

If you need some pictures I could probably open my A900s up and take some. IF it is really not necessary I would rather not, but I could get to it this weekend if necessary.
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a900 mod help!

well i posted a few new thread but no one answered....sorry to bring this up!


im enjoying the mod alot, but i have a questin or two if u could help!

the mids are excellent, but im thinking it might be LITTLE too bright, or would it be trrble? i mnot sure, not technical term guy , but i think its more detailed and brighter mids (esp rhythm guitars)

would the amount of blue tac affect much? i used quite a lot actually, after i saw someone just using an eye ball size cup.

[after thought] yep, im pretty sure thats just the problems. a tad brighter than before...the guitar rhythms. when i play a track with a relaly dark and down tuned guitar it sounds really awesome, but on others....the treble of the guitars really stick out... not as lush to my ears (very thick, but not lush and smooth)

also (THE BIGGEST PROBLEM. THE BRIGHT MIDS ARE STIL OK CAUSE I JUST PUT SOME COTTON WOOL JUST BEHIND THE DRIVERS) the overall sound (esp vocals) sound a lil muffled [and echo-y?) too! annnoiyng. the worse bit right now is the muffled stuff...
the HIGHs are MUFFLED!!! the guitar solos are relaly muffled!!! and the tone sucks. haha


1. mid are a bit bright?
2. BIG prob: highs are muddY!

i;ve got VERY little cotton wool in there...less than 1/16th of a cotton ball that tyler recommended, and none on the blue tac
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I don't really remember what was recommended at this point. I would have to read back over the thread to get some clues - and it is all somewhat experimental.

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Three pages and still no pictures?
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Originally Posted by MD1032
Three pages and still no pictures?
My thoughts exactly.
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There were pictures on the original post, they are just gone now.
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I can put pictures on in a day or two if it would be helpful.

Let me know.

As for the effects on treble and bass from the modifications - I don't know any more than it already written in this thread. I tried to research about this question and it is apparently not too much of a science that is readily available. Or I didn't look hard enough.
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donaldekelly: hey it would be VERY helpful if you put up pictures!

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but the pictures ?
they never arrived ?

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Any idea where one would find images of this mod online? Or if someone could email them to me, I'd be grateful; As of yet, I consider my 280s sound great, but if they can get better, that'd be awesome!
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I just did the blue-tac mod on my A900LTD. I only used blue-tac no wool or anything, so I have the DADS left in place. The mids are a little better now, but I think there is a little less low bass . Or it's just my imagination. I'll try it out for a while to see if I like it, otherwise I’ll just switch back.
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you really have less bass. Pesonally I like it that way as these have ral strong bass. Try putting the blu-tak only at the center and puting a bit of cotton in there as well.
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