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Awesome details, Tyson! Thanks so much. I have my blu-tack and cotton and will strongly consider this mod. Your pix are very helpful.

- walk
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camera focus is your FRIEND...

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Thanks Tyson! I was thinking, the foam donut is pretty thick, and the amount of cotton I put in doesn't come even close...so time to open it back up and stuff it!

Mega, I lost almost all of the lower bass slam, and what little there was...not sure if I could call it tight? I found the mids to be much more forward...reminded me a little of my modded AKG271s. I'll have to do some more listening...kinda hard, because I'm also testing out my new headphile c-pads on sr60s. hehe.
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Yes, foam and/or cotton act as volume displacers, that "fool" the drivers into thinking they are in a bigger enclosure than they really are. More cotton/foam equals bigger volume, which means bigger bass. The key is to play around with it until it hits your own personal sweet spot for sound balance.
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That makes sense. Like stuffing a subwoofer enclosure with polyfill...

Isn't there some kind of formula to determine how much stuffing should be used, depending on the volume of the enclosure? Wonder if that would work for headphones...but then I guess a headphone is a full-range speaker, wheras a sub would not...oh well...
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Do you think you could post pics of how you would do your HD280pro's? I read your thread a while ago and was curious, but it would be awesome to see some pics of what to do.
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Sorry I never got my pics up, but they are almost exactly the same, though I think Im going to open them back up and put some more cotton in there.

The earpads just pull off. I found it helpful to pull from the inside beneath the pleather. Putting them back on was probably the hardest part, though it just takes a little patience. If anyone really wants my pics I could post them, but I see no real difference between mine and the ones already posted (I even used white tak as well.)
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Branmuffins, what are your impressions about the sound?
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The biggest change I have heard is that it really helped out the mids and evened out the highs to some extent. I still feel at times the highs can get a bit shrill but its not something that I would characterize as a problem and I certainly wouldnt describe the sound as too bright.

The bass is certainly tightened up, and I think this really helps the mids come out more forward which I felt was one of the few problems I had with the phones. Overal I would say its a worthwhile mod that is relatively easy to do especially if you would like a bit more out of the mids.
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Thanks again, Tyson, for posting the pictures for this mod. I just finished doing it on my A900s, which should attest to how easy it is.

Now it's listening time!
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Bass Tuning
OK, what you will notice with this is that the deep bass will be a bit less, the upper bass will be thighter, the mids more forward, and no echo in the highs. Bass can be boosted by adding more cotton, or putting the grey donut foam back in. However, this will result in a slight attenuation of the highs. Personally I stuffed the hell out of my a900's for the better bass and slightly softer highs (the above pics are not of my a900's, mine have more cotton than that). Anyway, now that you can see how to get in there, you can experiment with foam and cotton stuffing to tune the sound of the a900's to whatever type of sound you most prefer.

Hope this helps!!
wierd.. just did the mod on my a700's - adding more cotton only seem to degrade the amount of bass. i must have tried 5 times with different amounts of filler, all sounded noticably thin on bass (more cotton = less bass). so i ended up with just the blu-tac. and also, the a700's do not come with any sort of foam in the housing.. its all empty back there.
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Yea, same here. The more cotton I put in the less bass I get. Maybe I should do a better job of breaking the balls into smaller pieces.
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Does anybody had tried Dynamat or any other better damping material than the cotton balls, and blu-tak, maybe we could try something in the CD3000 cups to see what's going on....
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I've gone from 5 cottonballs per earcup to about 9...and the bass is returning. Still not as much as there was before, but it is does sound tighter and more accurate. Think I'm going to have try squeezing in 2-3 more per cup...
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just finished modding. this mod is great!

the bass is not the same, weaker, and less depp, yet very very controled and detailed.

mids are just much better then before, its amazong.

highs are have less echo.

overall I am very satisfied, great detail, and great sound.

Ill listen to it for a few more hours and then list other tings such as width of stage and imaging.
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