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Headwize Down!

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8/3/01: The forums are down. The problem is due to the ISP. They say it will take at least two days to fix. Sorry for the inconvenience. While they are troubleshooting, I will try to install additional forum functionality.
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8/7/2001: The ISP has isolated the problem with the forums. They are rebuilding the server. The rebuild is estimated to take 2 days. Thanks for your patience everyone.

Hmm, as a Computer Geek(tm) I'm curious. Any more detail, Cmoy?

By the way, I certainly hope the Email Notification will be implemented when HeadWize goes back up, it's the main reason I still use Head-Fi much more.
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Really eric? Wow - I hate it ..... disabled after 2 weeks, I think.

I guess there are truly different strokes....ok, I won't use THAT trite quotation...
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Well, I use email notification a *lot* on Head-Fi...

Personally, I think it should just be an option in the User Preferences, so those who are too lazy to remember all the threads that they created or posted to can use it
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Yup, after my inbox started getting flooded with dozens of email notifications/day, i decided it was a total nucence, and disabled it...
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You can disable it as a global option in your user cp (control panel), and then, on a per-thread basis, simply click on the Receive updates to this thread link on the bottom of every thread, which allows you to "subscribe" to specific threads.
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Merge please.
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Originally posted by templeboy
Merge please.

Though it may appear so on the surface, it's not that simple. Look back at some of the older threads in this forum (Members' Lounge) that cover many of the points relating to this.
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I'm just curious, is the ISP just having problems with Headwize, or are they rebuilding their server affecting all of their sites? Could you imagine having an ecommerce website or anything more critical (nothing is more important ) than a headphone forum on this ISP? How would they ever stay in business?
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grrr223, I was thinking along the same lines. It sounds incredible they'd take well over a week to fix a problem - any problem. Two days would be pushing it. And we're talking commercial site hosting, not something you get for freefrom your dialup or cable ISP. Even if there was a total hardware failure, you'd just get a new machine and rebuild it from backup. It surprises me even more since Headwize seemed to run very smoothly for at least a year I got there. I thought Chu's ISP was exemplary... Heck, even my company's unionized IT shop fixes things faster even though we have lots of old hardware which needs obsolete one-supplier spare parts...
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I was going to just ask "Does he actually pay for this ISP" but thought that would be a little too harsh, but then again, I dont' konw. In today's world of fast-paced e-business many companies wouldn't stand for their site to be down for an hour, a day would be horrible, and a week out of the question. I'm sure Jude knows what we're all talking about.
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