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Hi you cable gurus!

Ok, I need a good sounding, affordable 2xRCA to stereo-mini

(want to hook up RCA line outs to the input of a portable

Any suggestions?



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Headroom sells a Straightwire RCA to mini cable.

You might want to check it out.

- pearle
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Headroom sells a Straightwire 2XRCA to 1/8" stereo for $19.95. It looks very well constructed (to me), and since I really haven't gotten into the cable thing as of yet, it works fine for me. I use it with my RA-1. Hope this helps.

Oops......Pearle has it!
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Thanks for the prompt replies guys

Unfortunately, headroom is no real option since their
shipping costs to Canada are a bit high.

What about those RS cables that cmoy mentions on headwize?


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Radio Shack has one, gold plated plugs, and it sounds very good. I forget the part number, but it is about 1 metre long and has white and red bands identifying the RCA plugs L/R. I bought two of them, one for recording to MD and shortened the other for use with my portable MD and amp. Retails about $19.95 CDN.
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Forgot about those RS cables that Beagle mentioned.......I use them with the Creek occassionaly.....sound fine to me. Build quality looks good, too, but they are a tad long.
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That's quite surprising

I thought the moment I mention RS in this forum I get flamed to death....


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Redwoood: I'm using the RS gold plated but the only one I could find was 6ft long. Still, they seem fine. I did manage to buy one of the Straightwire cables second hand and it's very well constructed.

I e-mailed Headroom a few weeks back to ask if there wasn't some way they could simply put a couple of them in a padded mail pouch and send it out by post office at a more reasonable cost, but they never replied.

Their shipping costs to Canada are nearly as much as the cable.
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I use a monster cable mini-RCA cable, it works well for me, right now it's going from my computer to my DSP Pro
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Originally posted by grrr223
I use a monster cable mini-RCA cable, it works well for me, right now it's going from my computer to my DSP Pro
I use one of those too (the Interlink 400 MkII model). I've seen the Monster Interlink 400 MkII's slammed and praised. I happen to think they're quite nice considering how inexpensive they are. I also have 6-foot-long Radio Shack Gold Series RCA-RCA-mini cable. I like the sound I get from the Monster better, but sometimes at the office I need the extra few feet. I like both because they're shielded, and I work around computers all day.
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Jude, I was just going to ask if that Monster cable was sheilded, I threw away all the literature about it. The best part about all the monster cables I have bought is that each one came with a free month of Netflix, but I think they've stopped that now. Anyway... I see at Headroom that they also sell a mini-rca, does anyone know how that cable compares to the monster cable? Is it also sheilded? Thanks
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The Interlink 400 MkII has a very smooth and clean midrange to top end transition, but does have a bit of thickness and cloudiness in the bass/lower midrange, and lacks bass dynamics. Kimber PBJ (with Radio Shack RCA to mini adaptor) sounds very open and articulate in the bass/mid but can sound a trifle brittle in the upper midrange/lower treble. I think the RS cable gives you a very good overall sound at a great price.

The DIY interconnects (using RS copper magnet wire) sound very clean and non-grainy but lack a solid foundation in the bass.
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What electromagnetic qualities of the cable cause it to not have good bass?
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Twisted Pair Designs has a product called the Game Junkie that might do the trick. I use one out of my Portable into my TDS Passive Audiophile. It retails for $65.

You might check CJS Audio Video to see if they can do any better. I have purchased Vibrapods from Craig and his price was better than most for these.

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