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How decent is your car audio system?

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Here's the system I had installed by Tweeter Etc a little over a year ago in my 1997 Lincoln Town Car:

Alpine CDA-9807 MP3/CD head unit
Boston Acoustics Pro-Series 5.5 Component speakers (front)
Boston Acoustics NX-97's (rear)
JL Audio 12" W3 dual 2-ohm sub in custom box (in trunk)
JL Audio 500/5 Amp (in trunk)

EDIT: After reading MrJoshua's entry, I must too say no scrimping on cabling. I spent plenty there.

To this, I added the following:

Dynamat to the entire trunk area
Monster DCAP-1FD 1-Farad DigiCap
Interior street glow lighting

My car is probably my favorite place to listen to music. I think the sound is incredible - tight bass, clean sound, volume without distortion. I am a happy going deaf person.
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OK, here's my system:

Pioneer DEH-P77MP MP3 CD Head Unit
Boston Acoustics GT20 Amp
Kicker Impulse IX402 Amp
JL Audio 12w0-4 Subwoofer
EFMAX Designed, Tri-Chamber, Internally Ported, Sealed Box

Decent Cabling all round.

I just haven't got round to upgrading the front speakers yet (I'm not bothered about the rears, they will be disconnected when I have time!). I think I'll get some Focal PolyKevlars or similar...

Here's a couple of pics of my box:

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what's the best way to input from the ipod to the car stereo system? Especially if you don't have a casette player in the dash!
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you guys beat me, I just wanted decent tuneage as my car is loud as heck on the freeway.

alpine 9813
alpine s-type speakers
alpine type-r 10 inch in alpine ported box
alpine m350 rms amp(can't remember model number)

I really didn't mean to go all alpine, they were just the best deals I could find locally(didn't want to install myself, too much of a hassle)
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Originally Posted by Bunnyears
what's the best way to input from the ipod to the car stereo system? Especially if you don't have a casette player in the dash!
I think Alpine just came out with iPod controliing head units

Products >Car Audio >Head Units >MP3 Players
CDA-9851 CDA-9851
CD/MP3/WMA Receiver
Target Retail Price US $300.00

Key Features
• 50W MAX x 4 High Power Amplifier
• 3 PreOuts (2V)
• SAT Radio Ready
• Ready for iPod®
• Bass Engine®
-Subwoofer Level Control
-Bass Center Frequency Control
-Bass Band Width Adjustment
-Treble Center Frequency Control
• CD-R/RW Playback
• MP3/WMA Decoder/Playback
• MP3 Text Information Display
• QuickSearch Function (MP3 Files)
• CD Text, CD Text Display, CD Text Scroll
• Versatile-Link™ Ready
• MaxTune Tuner
• Regulated 1-Bit DAC
• 3 Way or 2Way Digital Channel Crossover
• SwingFace Mechanism
• Wireless Remote Control Included
• OEM Steering Remote Ready
• Detachable Trim Plate
• Anti-Theft Detachable Front Panel

The CDA-9851 is a SwingFace head unit with a wide range of sound personalization functions from Alpine's signature Bass Engine controls. In addition to playing all CD's, MP3 and WMA discs, now you can drive your iPod. Just hook up the KCA-420i iPod interface adaptor, plug in your iPod, and you're ready to go. Plus it's Versatile-Link Ready so you've got the option of connecting a video game console, VCR, or other source, This unit is OEM Steering Remote Ready so you can still control your head unit conveniently from your steering wheel. (3rd party adaptor required).

About Satellite Radio Ready:

You have the option to choose between Sirius Satellite Radio or XM Satellite Radio. SAT Radio Ready units require optional receiver box, antenna, adaptor cables, and subscription for service. To find out more about subscribing or available channels visit www.sirius.com and www.xmradio.com
Owner's Manual
Download owners Manual
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We've got the stock radio system in our '97 Honda Civic. It's pretty awful, but it works. The stock system in my mom's '01 Honda Odyssey isn't actually half bad. Bloated as heck, but at least it has tweeters.
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Here is a page of my wife's car - it is for sound quality rather than SPL:
it is also done with stealth in mind - make it look stock .....


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Honda Prelude:
$180/pr Boston Accoutic fronts (don't know model)
$150/pr Orion rears (don't know model)
Aiwa MP3/CD headunit
10" Kicker Comp in sealed enclosure
Kenwood amplifier matched for sub

Chevy Lumina:
Stock speakers
$75 Old Alpine headunit (don't know model)
(2x) 12" Alpine Type-S in custom enclosure
Rockford Fosgate 400s

I really need to sell the Luminas stuff. It's subs are much nicer than in my 'Lude but the kicker comp just compliments the speakers so well it isn't worth the loss of space.
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Stock system, listen to it plenty. It's not very good, but since I'm not expecting reference quality sound in the car, I don't care. The noisy environment already limits how good I could get the quality, and I don't like listening all that loud, so I just use the money on my home system, where I can hear all the benefits.
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Since the worst place for audio reproduction is the car...I'd say that I have a stock system in "my" volvo...it sounds horrendous and distorts wildly but if you are driving at 70mph and have it loud with the window open you don't really notice it much.

Once I get my own car I'll add some half-decent speakers and run a crossover and a lightly-powered sub.
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right now its:

Clarion DRZ-9255 (96khz sampling, dual 24bit burr brown DAC's, blah blah)
Diamond Audio HEX s600s components (I have there new D9 components on order, they should arrive any day now).
Diamond Audio D7152 (150x2 @ 4 ohms) for the components
Diamond Audio TDX 12" subwoofer
Diamond Audio D7401 (800x1 @ 2 ohms) for the subwoofer
180 amp high output alternator

The new components i ordered are 7" mids with 1" tweeters and they wont fit in the doors of my civic, so i will make kick panel enclosures for them when they arrive.

here is something i started in the trunk: http://slickssite.com/install/install1.jpg
in the front are going to be the amps, and that giant glob of nastyness is fiberglass for the subwoofer enclosure. going to be a month or so before i see any results, its a lot of work, but i think it will be worth it in the end.
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here is the dash piece i am working on for my radio: http://slickssite.com/9255_new/9255-1.jpg

you can see a couple defects in the work, but i am working on fixing those so the piece looks clean.

if you look at this pic: http://www.sounddomain.com/memberpage/260166/2
you can see what the dash looked like before i hacked it up, lol.

pics of my D7152 (only reason i bought it is because i thought it looked beautiful, seems more like art that you appreciate): http://www.sounddomain.com/memberpage/260166/5
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the Bose in the Acura
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My last car audio project caught the attention of thieves. I'd taken measures to make sure they weren't going to remove my gear from the car easily or quickly.....so they stole my car! After that, I swore never again to do such a thing. Because it wasn't "factory" installed, the insurance didn't pay either. Lost a bundle on that one. Car audio? Nope..not for me.
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i actually pay $15 extra a month on my insurance policy for the audio part, covered for $5,000. been almost three years since i have had car audio, no problems with theft so far.
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