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Cary 300Bsei

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I am having this thought for quite some time. I heard that the Cary 300b integrated amp is the best headphone amp for home use. If one can find a pair of speaker carefully, 300b should be the best all around system for home use. I just purchsed a pair of PMC LB1 2-way speaker and an AKG K1000. Does anyone know that the Cary would drive both of them adquently?
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Cary amp???

Wow, what sources and interconnects do you use with these?
(just that I can envy you even more)

Ok, as to your question:


A very lengthy review of the k1000 and its powering requirements. I think the cary is mentioned there, but look for yourself.

Hope it helps


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I would suggest getting the Cary 300SEI with either KR or WE tubes. Vka and I listened to the Cary with the AKG K1000, and the sound was simply amazing.
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*Drool* Is that why you got rid of your RS-2s?
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No, I got rid of the RS-2 because I already had the MSP (duh ).

That's why I'm thinking of getting the AKG K1000 to use with my Creek 5250! I'll need some more cash first, though... I wouldn't want to end up spending all the money I've been saving up for having fun at college!
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Is this for real?
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Originally posted by briantf27
Is this for real?
Who? What?
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"What is real? How do you define real? If you're talking about your senses, what you feel, taste, smell, or see, then all you're talking about are electrical signals interpreted by your brain."

Morpheus - The Matrix

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Muuuuahahaha ! !
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I guess we are all looking for that elusive ¡§perfect system¡¨, aren¡¦t we?

My quest for the perfect sound was easy enough. I wanted to buy a new can to replace my aging Sony MDR V6 several months ago. However, I found the headroom site, and I learned so much more about the headphone. I decided I wanted to get the HD600. However, I couldn¡¦t find a place to audition the can, and I wasn¡¦t sure whether I should buy a headphone amp or not?

I had a trip to Japan two months ago. There was a place packed with about 50 stereo shops in the same neighborhood, and that was the first time I got to listen to the can as I like. I was pretty sure that I wanted to buy the HD 600, and I knew I had to get that AKG K1000. People always say that you have to audition the cans before you buy. I totally agree!

I ordered both HD 600 and K1000 right after I came home (you should never buy an import goods in Japan, way too expensive. The list price for HD 600 in Japan is almost US$700.) Before my phone arrived, I saw a pair of used PMC LB1 for sale for US$1100. Right now I am having these three babies and I am searching for an amp that will be perfect for all three. I know Cary 300b se will be perfect for the HD 600, and I know it will make the K1000 sounds even better, but I am not sure whether the Cary can drive the LB1 to moderate level. (I don¡¦t listen to music loud). That¡¦s why I have to ask you guys, especially DanG, about these low power amps because I still can¡¦t find a place to audition the amp. Thanks.
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The 300B tube to go is:

Few people knows it but it betters WE for some people's taste. Plus, the globe shape is much prefered. And price? WE is grossly over-priced even considering expensive American labor.
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