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Empirical Audio Magnum2 Power Cord

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Anybody try the Empirical Audio Magnum2 Power Cord? Does anybody want to comment if they have?
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FWIW, this power cord looks a lot like one of Chris VH's power cord recipies, which would probably run you <$50 to build... in fact they tell you the ingredients for the cable on the page...
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Tell me more about this. Is there a web site?
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Check the "Flavor 2" Power cord, that is what it seems like.
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i'm currently running the magnum 2's in my setup, nothing special on sources or my pre, good bass and extension on my amp. after three weeks and some swapping, i can't say they outclass any of the rest of the power cables here. the speaker cables are a different story btw, very clean and linear, the first pair i've tried that distanced themselves from chris ch's cat5 receipe.

my 2 pennies,
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