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MD <-> CDP Cable

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hi there, i've just recently received my sharp 832 MD after waiting for it to arrive for 6 weeks.. bloody stingy singaporeans=)

it didn't come with an optical cable to link up between md and portable cd player.. but with a crappy RCA which records pretty badly, not loud enough.. i was wondering now, how do i record my 832 with my panasonic cdp, sl-sx400... do i use toslink?? both have optical outs, a round mini size jack though...

any recommends for a high quality transfers? thanks people
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Aye, you use toslink with a mini-mini toslink cable...

You can probably get one at radioshack...
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Actually, what you need is an optical digital cable. You can buy them at radio shack, but they are very expensive and probably of lower quality than the stuff you can find on the 'net. However, if you just need to record a thing or two quickly, you can buy from radio shack, open the box carefully, record, then replace the cables, and return with the receit.

However, there are plenty of places online to buy the cable so that it can be yours. Just search google or shopping.yahoo.com. You can probably find a mini -> mini optical digital cable for about $15 (for 1m or less).
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yeah i currently do have an optical cable... it's a Crest brand.. seems pretty dodgy... it was only $23 australian, so about $10 american... they were selling sony optical cables for $60 ($30US)..

should i return the Crest one i have now? chych, what do you mean by the toslink mini-mini thing?? thanks
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