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Great choice, Todd
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Revel Ultima floorstanders (using ML amps at that time)

Originally Posted by Asterix
Anyone here a fan of the Vandersteen speakers?
... but so far I can only afford 2ci. Great, balanced speakers for the price !
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Originally Posted by noir
that "friend" that alu is talking about would be me. Since i have heard nautilus on ML reference equipment 7 years ago, my whole view on audio changed immediately. I finally knew what i wanted, and it became a goal in life.

And in 1 or 2 years, uni studies will be over, and the saving orgy will have to start... long live audiogon
You know which ML you want right? When you finish your studies and have enough money saved up give me a PM. I might have chaged the system by then.
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Dali Megalies and Cadence Arca, the 2 finest speakers I have heard. Divine, if anything can convey space these can. the Arca's were running via the ML reference CD Player and DAC with a tubed power amp from the same company(Cadence i.e.)

The Dali's were in a turntable setup, can't even remember the details. I am a solid state/digital equipment person.
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I've sat and listened to Wilson Audio Grand Slamms at length, Dynaudio Evidence for a good listening session, and lots of other very good speakers. However, the best sounding speakers I've listened to include the Joseph Audio RM33si, Wilson Audio Sophia and the smaller version of the GS (around $50,000?). The late, great Hales T8's were a joy to experience as well.
The first speaker to really blow me away was the Ohm Acoustics Model A. It made every other speaker in the store sound like crap. Quite a feat, considering the rest of the store was as high end as the industry got in 1970.
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Meridian DSP6000s in a surround configuration, driven digitally by literally the cheapest coax you can find.
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GoRedwings19: i love you
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As much as I'd love to hear speakers to die (kill?) for such as Kharma & Rockport I'll stay with what I've actually heard. And I do happen to have a respect for a lack of automatic audiophile massive price jack up. Although they may be 14K USD, Wilson would charge 34K for this level of performance, with pretty window dressing of course. Besides, as an ATC owner of speakers and electronics, I'm a fanboy!

On board 350watt proprietary Tri channel amplifier, with Grounded SourceĀ® topology produces 50watts to HF driver, 100 watts to Mid driver and 200 watts to Bass. Featuring independent power supplies to each channel, and operating in ultra low distortion, Class A mode up to 2/3rds maximum output.

The beauty of function over form
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Originally Posted by eyeteeth
Wilson would charge 34K for this level of performance, with pretty window dressing of course.
Or would it be 70K? 120K? 150K? Who knows? Who knows the limits wealthy Audiophools will pay?
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why would people pay 150k for a car?

i'd rather pay 150k for speakers than a car
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Originally Posted by noir
why would people pay 150k for a car?

i'd rather pay 150k for speakers than a car
Ignorance of the pleasures possible. Unless their adrenaline is knowingly derived through different thrills, visual rather than auditory. Can I have both? Given a choice, I'll take art/a world of music.
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i meant that most people who buy expensive cars don't do it because of rational choice. they like it subjectively, the way it looks like, and never drive (a ferrari for example) faster than 120km/h.

in that aspect i'd prefer speakers in that price range, who go full-out every time i listen to them. just one of my silly comparisons
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Originally Posted by MD1032
My friend has these ancient Yamaha towers that are simply amazing, the best speakers I've ever heard. 10" woofers that can punch out sub-20 stuff like it's nothing. I've hit them with even bass test I can find and they always pass. He has some old but good condition Michael Jackson LP's that sound amazing through these towers. I've run my Dream Theater stuff through it and other classic rock and man they are one heck of a good time to listen to.
They're not these are they:
If they are he's a lucky bloke, they're very hard to come by and are apparently one of the best speakers ever made.
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Had a chance to listen to the Mani-2s. Greatest bookshelf speakers I've listened to. I would love to have a pair of those in the future
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Me and noir just went to listen to the following :

System 1

Speakers: B&W Nautilus 800D
CD / SACD Player: DCS Verdi / Purcell / Elgar / Verona
Preamplifier: Mark Levinson No 326 S
Amplifier: Halcro DM 58

System 2

Frontspeakers: B&W Nautilus 800D
Central Speaker: B&W Nautilus HTM 1D
Rearspeakers: B&W Nautilus 800D
Subwoofer: Revel
CD / SACD / DVD-V / DVD-A Player: Linn Unidisk 1.1
Preamplifier / processer: Linn Kisto
Amplifiers: 3 X Pass Labs X250
Projecter: Sim HT 500 E

System 3

Speakers: B&W Nautilus 802D
CD / SACD Player: DCS La Scala / Delius
Preamplifier: Spectral DMC 30 SL
Amplifier: Spectral DMA 250

System 1; an absolute audiophile weapon of mass-destruction. The gap to my system is ridiculous (as expected) and I never heard any better. (I still love the avantgarde though) The system that the 800 were connected to fitted them very well, those Halcro blocks were able to perform greatly, very detailed. The power cords seemed very high-end, also did the connectors in-between the machinery.
They presented us with some Scat/Jazz song at first, and I was completely blown away, not only by the bass, that had incredible detail, but also by the heights that the system managed all too perfectly. It seemed warm enough, even with being the analytical speaker it is. The second song was another vocal one, a female singer with a jazz band once again. The voice was incredibly present, thinking that the singer is in front of you, and the background instruments were always there, in detail, as well.
I wish I could've listened to some of my music on them, some of my own jazz albums and the like, moreover we didn't have all too much time, but it was enough indeed to grasp the power of the speakers.

As the source of System 1 seemed to have had problems after this second song we went to System 2, the surround one.
Here they were playing classical pieces, in Super Audio CD format, say 5.0. The problem here was, as the speakers weren't set to fit an individual, that the audience was a tad too big (15-20 people) and that the ones in the front row (sort of where we were sitting) didn't hear the rear speakers all too well, and the ones sitting in the back were hearing the rear before the front. Nevertheless it wasn't bad at all. (SACD can never really impress me as format as such) The first song was an opera, male singer and choir. Very decent. (I'm so bad with remembering names ) Then there were some heavier tracks, and a piano concert. It was all very good, couldn't beat the stereo setup though.

The last system (which was actually the first system we were listening to), System 3, also impressed me, could not at all reach the topmodel of the 800 though. We heard more songs on System 3 though. A shame we couldn't hear more on the top one.

Some minor impressions of an amateur audiophile.
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