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The best pair of speakers...

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Thread Starter ever heard. I don't mean heard OF, I mean really listened to. Of course you can also mention your highend "Dreamspeakers". This might be a good I'm personally very bored atm, and await the arrival of my DAC 2.

The best ones I've ever heard : Avantgarde 3way horn speakers on a nice tubeamp (can't recall the brand), and a nice rega source. I was deeply impressed by the HUGE gap they created, from my 750 (which I still don't consider as bad) to those monsters. They only need 20w to be driven perfectly and they almost moved me to tears when hearing the incredible details, yet the also very incredible warmth they threw at me.

Not all too cheap anyways.
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I dream of the modest Meadowlark Nighthawks daily. Maybe some day my wife will let them live with me.
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I'm still pretty happy with my B&W Nautilus 800s powered at 625WRMS each side by the Bryston B14. At this level, however, the room and the speaker positioning are going to be major factors.
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Wow, the nautilus are also one of my goals for later on. Even though I never heard em, I wish I could get an impression of them once.

I'm a B&W fanboy anyways.
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I had wanted B&W 801 Matrixes when they first came out. I went to the 800s from Fried Model Cs with Fried transmission tunnel Model O subwoofers. B&W has always epitomized for me what a loudspeaker should sound like. The 20A Bryston B14 controls the 800s' low frequency drivers very tightly. Of course, two 10" drivers are easier to control than the Nautilus 801's single 15" unit for the same driver area. Now, I'd just like about twice as big a room in all dimensions to listen to them in . . .
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A nice room is most definately needed. I'm dreaming of a highend mark levinson source and amp to drive the nautilus. That'd be very nice to listen to, since I once was able to listen to the 705 and the 805 on a very good ml amp.

My friend listened to the 801, also ml, and was marked from that day onward.
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Originally Posted by Alu
My friend listened to the 801, also ml, and was marked from that day onward.
And it raises "sorry about your wallet" to a whole new level.
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You wouldn't believe how much.

He's planning to buy the 800 with the setup he heard in around 4-5 years. Yes, he planned everything in detail, each and every expense he's made in audio and video too in fact. A patience like that is something I lack.
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KLH Model Nine Electrostatics playing "Hey Nineteen" by Steely was over 25 years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. The sound was absolutely I've ever heard.
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Anyone here a fan of the Vandersteen speakers?
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Best I've heard was at Wadia HQ at the May 2003 Head-Fi meet. Hales Trancendence Eight, driven by two prototype Wadia Power-DAC's. I've never heard anything quite like that...and the thing that floored me is that the good folks at Wadia made it clear that there were things that they considered "not quite there" with those prototypes. DAMN!!

The next best setup was in a Detroit-area audio shop. The speakers were Magnepan 3.6's, driven by a huge AR tube amp...don't remember what the source was, but I'm sure it was good. They filled up the room like nothing I'd ever heard until then.
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Originally Posted by Asterix
Anyone here a fan of the Vandersteen speakers?
Yes! The 2CEs were the first speakers that ever made my draw drop.
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that "friend" that alu is talking about would be me. Since i have heard nautilus on ML reference equipment 7 years ago, my whole view on audio changed immediately. I finally knew what i wanted, and it became a goal in life.

And in 1 or 2 years, uni studies will be over, and the saving orgy will have to start... long live audiogon
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Odd that the 2ce's are mentioned. I've seen an ad on Audiogon for a pair of signature models for $1275 that I was thinking about. Have a bit of an urge to resurrect my vintage gear and thought these may be a good starter pair. Those old friends named Luxman and Hafler are good to have around! Wonder how they'd like meeting the Vandersteens??
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I've heard hybrid martin logan electrostats. They seemed very smooth and spacious sounding and they just sounded good, can't really say anything other than that. As for my dreamspeakers, these look, and from what I've read, sound great: They look like they're made from a redwood tree and an audi a8.
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