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I agree that it's a little early to vote for the systems that haven't come out yet, but being a Nintendo fan, I had to go with the GameCube. I own the original Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and GameBoy. I'll probably get the GameCube shortly after it comes out. Haven't really been playing many games recently tho, or atleast on these systems. I play some computer games, but that's pretty much it. Does anyone know when the GameCube is supposed to come out?
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Eagle_Driver said...

I voted for "other" because IMHO they all SUCK!! I will never pay more than even $1 per game title for something that might have been released with major bugs that can't be patched at all! But all of the POS console-game software costs at least $10 - and most cost more than $40! And the reliability of those game consoles is crappy compared to that of most PCs! (I need a mad-faced smiley and eek, like this: + )
Huh? What consoles have you been playing, DIY? The only poorly made console I've seen was the original Playstation, which was prone to failure. Not one of my Nintendo consoles or my friend's PS2 or Dreamcast ever broke. And exactly which console games have these major bugs you're talking about? In my experience, console games are much more reliable than PC games, generally BECAUSE the developers know they can't be patched, and because of the innumerable software & hardware conflicts on PCs. Are you talking about bad AI or something? Those are just poorly made games and most likely even if patched would still suck.

MikeR17 said...

Does anyone know when the GameCube is supposed to come out?
I believe Gamecube comes out on November 5th.
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