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Sold him a pair of headphones and he was quick to respond and pay. He was a great person to deal with and I would certainly deal with him again.
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Bought some awesome HD650s, delivered fast, they sound awesome!!
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Sold Ari headphones. As expected, it was an easy, friendly, excellent transaction.
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nikongod bought some tubes and adapters from me. Fast payment and great communication. Just a great guy to deal with. Highly recommended.
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Sold Ari a pair of large Cerafine caps. Communication was exceptional; quick payment, and quick notification that they had arrived safely. Great transaction, and would deal with Ari anytime!
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Sold Ari a few tubes, you can't beat meeting in person, enjoy!
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I sold Ari an odd ball pair of cans, HD580's with Grado drivers and woodied ends. Great communication, FAST transaction, highly recommended.
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I sold nikongod my Oehlbach replacement cable for the Sennheiser HD580/6X0's Deal went smooth even during the down time of head-fi and I'm glad I could add to his impressive list of feedback
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Ari bought some stock Grado cables from me. As before he was easy to work with with fast payment. I hope you make good use of them.

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Ari reterminated the screwed up cable on my RS-1s for me. Thanks a lot man, they work perfect now!

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I bought some boards from Ari and he was a pleasure to deal with. Super communication and a very friendly guy. Happy to get to know him.
He's really an assett to Head-Fi !
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sold Ari a modded zhaolu. good communication, quick payment, and very courteous and friendly...thanks!
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Ari bought some tubes from me. He is great to deal with and I recommend him unhesitatingly.
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Bought his unopened ipod classic 80GB. He got up early Saturday morning to ship it out and it got to me on Tuesday (technically, Monday but I couldn't get to it). Anyways, what a wonderful member of this community.
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Ari bought a tube amp from me. As a repeat customer, I recommend him doubly Great to deal with.
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