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ari, nice and talented guy that he is, made me a nifty balanced->single ended adaptor so i can use my balanced phones on my single ended amps. all this was done quickly and at a nice price, and delivered at a mini-meet so it was more fun than if it'd been shipped. as usual he's a pleasure to deal with. thanks ari!
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Ari made me a 12 foot cardas / neutrik headphone extension cable. For use with my AKG K1000s. There is a four pin plug on one end to connect to the standard K1000 termination. And two 3 pin XLR connectors on the other end. For listening through a balanced amp.
Pre-order communications were patient and thorough so that I - a newbie - could understand what was feasible and exactly what I wanted.
The cables were made and sent expeditiously.
Workmanship was neatly / beautifully done.
The sound:
With Ari's cable, I have had my first chance to hear what the K1000s are all about.
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I sold Ari a pair of HFI-780. The communication was excellent and the payment was prompt. I would definitely do business with him again. Another honest Head-Fier. Hightly recommend.
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Ari fixed my K240s. As always, a great person to deal with.
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Ari is the man.

he bought a broken corda move amp from me in a perfectly flawless and easy deal

Oh that all dealings could be as smooth as they are with Ari!
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Ari bought some SFI drivers and a few dilapidated AKG frames from me. Real quick and easy transaction, and I am honored that he will be able to do unspeakable things to an AKG that came from my own stock. Too Extreme Thanks.
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Awesome guy to deal with. Very professional.. Great communication, & was nice enough to hold them for me.
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I sold a phono pre amp to Nikongod, very good communications and very very prompt payment. Highly recommended.
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Bought a ray samuels xp-7 from Nikongod he shipped it right away and it was exactly as described, great head-fier.
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Bought a Millett Hybrid from Ari, he was kind enough to hold it a couple of days while funds cleared, and shipped very quickly. Great communication with a great guy! I would definitely not hesitate to do another deal with Ari.
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Ari is awesome. Seriously one of the best guys I've ever dealt with.
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Sold Ari my blown Vintage RS-1s. We worked a fair price and everyone is happy. Good stuff.
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Thanks Ari for the pleasant and smooth transaction regarding the Grado headband assembly, it arrived promptly and the communication was flawless.

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Ari purchased my Stax rig...It was a super transaction in all respects. Great communication thruout, fast payment ...I can highly recommend him as one with whom you can feel confident in any buy-sell transaction!
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Purchased a 100ohm resistor cable from Ari. He shipped it immediately and I had my hands on it sooner than expected. The build quality is top notch too. Thanks!
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