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Tube Rolling

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What is the right way to change tubes? I know you should shut the amp down, but how long should you wait before swapping? Just cool enough to handle?
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I'm paranoid and I wait until the tubes cool down enough to be touched with bare hands. Cary says you can just take 'em right out and grab 'em with a towel, but that's just nutty. Tube swapping is pretty easy. Just take the old one out and put the new one in. Slight rocking might be necessary to loosen it.
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Small tubes don't get very hot, but I think it's recommended that you let the component sit for 5 min. (after disconnecting plug) to allow residual juice to drain. Of course, if you have a steady hand...
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I don't know, I'd still watch out for those 6922s they are not as hot as power tubes for sure, but I would wager they could still at least hurt, if not burn.
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I have a feeling it depends on the the particular amp in question, and how the tube is being used.
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I have been burned,knocked on my ass by electrical shocks and just plain old embarrased by dropping a very expensive tube.I would advise first unplugging the amp,allowing the tube to cool and then swapping the tube.Tube amps usually retain voltage at the tube socket a few minutes after the amp is powered down.Allowing the tube to cool serves the dual purpose of allowing the very high plate voltages to dissipate as well.Be careful.
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