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First amp: OBH-11

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I just recieved this amp in the mail from audioadvisor and I am planning on reviewing it in the coming week.
I think that my review may have something to offer those who have never heard their headphones through anything other than the headphone jack on their reciever. Often times I see people who are looking for a first amplifier, so this review is for you all. This was also my situation, so the only thing I will have for comparison is the headphone out on my Kenwood VR-409. I have Sennheiser HD600's, and am actually listening to the amplifier right now, but the amp has only been connected to power for less than three minutes. So I guess that's about all I have to say for now, if there is anything that anyone would like me to pay special attention to then I am listening.
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Congrats on the new purchase source direct. OBH11 is a great little amp. Give it about 24 hours break in as Creek suggests and you'll be rewarded with a nice smooth and balanced sound.

PS: Now, that you have an amp you have to change your username, you're no longer source direct
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You're on to me!

BTW: Thanks to jude for moving the thread into the appropriate forum.
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Enjoy your new purchase!
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Congratulations, Source Direct. I'm sure you'll thoroughly enjoy your new toy. It's a fine amp, and I'm looking forward to your impressions with the HD-600s.
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