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Why was Ivan's post just deleted? It was one of the few in here that was worth reading.
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Originally Posted by Sovkiller
Global Express Mail - The fast way to ship overseas and prices start at just $15.50.

And that service does offer a tracking number AFAIK....
Global Express Mail (EMS) is fully trackable.

edit: oops, I read the post as "does not." In any event, I'm confirming that it absolutely does. I use this service at least several times a week to ship tubes.
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Originally Posted by pigmode
Has it been paid for yet?
Indeed, it has been paid for. I wouldn't mind waiting this long, except for the fact that I've been told multiple times that it would be shipping 'any day now.'

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Drew is not a William Goody.

Originally Posted by LTUCCI1924
HI: Guys I am on your side but I think JMT is right about this being posted in the feed back forum. I know you want all members to see this but very soon this will be a closed post. Just go to the feed back forum and post your frustration with this so called DIY guy and hit it hard if you would like to. I am amazed that JUDE don't do something about this and also make a sticky like he did with William Goody.
C'mon guys,

The man's admitted, repeatedly, he bit off more than he could chew over the last few months. Even the best laid plans, in business, can go awry. It appears he had good intentions, hiring help, trying to get a new shipping tracking program implemented, introducing upgraded products at the same price as the old ones and the ducks he had in a row didn't work out as planned. He's asked for suggestions both here and on his site. He's admitted foul ups and promised to deliver the goods as fast as he can.

Perhaps communications is another area for improvement, I don't know. All I can say is that others, whose recommendations steered me to Shell Brook back in September , have received great service and a couple of quality products. Communication by e-amil or phone was Not a problem. This was, however, before the holidays and he told me then that he was trying to get geared up for the increase in orders he was experiencing.

I work a day job too and was running a computer building/servicing business at night and on weekends. I have been through the sudden and unexpected increase in demand that he's going through complete with backlogs and PO'd customers. It is a difficult situation to climb out of. I applaud Drew for even trying. It was lot easier for me to throw in the towel, deliver on the sold units I had, sell off my inventory and be done with it.

Had some of my many satisfied customers lent some moral support maybe I would have continued to persevere in what was an emotionally satisfying hobby/business. It certainly wasn't financially rewarding enough to quit my day job. But keeping my hands in the technology and enough bucks coming in to push the envelope now and then as well as making some people happy really was what it was all about. I spoken to Drew often enough to say that his philosophy is similiar. Sure it would be nice if we could all quit our day jobs and do what we really love to do. But with kids in college and other obstacles it ain't allways possible.

Now, Drew is a business man when he accepts money for a product or service. He owes it to his clients to deliver, to the best of his ability, the products on order or awaiting repair, review his business model and order to ship schedule to ensure it meets the requirements of the customer. I honestly believe he has stated his commitment to this repeatedly. Whether it happens soon enough for him or those of you waiting, I believe is beyond his control at this point. Hasn't he stated this?

If it's a refund you want, ask for it, by phone if e-mail isn't effective. Personally, I will wait until he gets caught up before ordering my Ascent or Statement, haven't decided which yet. I am very satisfied with the two products I have from him and the level of communication and service I recieve. Thus I will continue to support him and loan my support as I would like to see him climb out of this and continue his pursuit of excellence in a venue he obviously enjoys and is good at. If I didn't live 2500 miles from him I'd volunteer my evenings just to help and learn.

Is this a fanatical rant? Perhaps, but there are at least two other DIYers here who I would go to bat for based on the products, services and communications I've recieved from them. I'd hate to see them stomped on too. I can understand it from those with an unprocessed order or repair, but there always seems to be those who have no stake in it just love jumping on the band wagon to get their kicks in. I include myself in this, as a supporter, and will not post more about this (I promise).

Let's just sit back and see how this pans out, give the guy a chance to make good as promised. Let those with something at risk pass judgement. I fully understand that they, too, need moral support. I would not have posted this if I felt they hadn't. I'm just saying this picture isn't all bad. In need of some touch up perhaps. Certainly doesn't warrant burning. Give the guy a chance guys to make good, that's all I'm asking.

Thanks for letting me vent --- Tom
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be patient

I have several products from Drew and all are excellent as were communications with him initially when he first started.
Now he is way over his head. I lost count on how many emails(to at least three different addresses) I mailed to him with regard to fixing a problem.
I, like many of you, would have gladly waited if only I had gotten truthful answers. My frustration with him was that on three different occassions he replied that the refund was on its way to me. Each time giving me the Day and Time it was mailed out. In each case it hadn't actually been mailed even though Drew stated it had. For me that was the problem, and as a hint to Drew that type of situation has to be corrected.
Drew to his credit did make good( I never doubted that he would eventually) and he also threw in a free cable to make up for the delays. So I would advise all to just be patient.
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I ordered a product from Drew in early to mid January, recieved the product within a week, and it was defective. He had a corrected unit on my doorstep within another week. My experience was satisfactory, however, it should be noted that I sent an e-mail nearly every day nagging(politely) him from the day of initial order until the day after recieving the 2nd corrected unit .

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Just a thought...

Drew, might be a good idea to limit the amount of work you take on, i can guarantee this will burn you out if you take on too much responsibility.
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Originally Posted by ltgem612
My frustration with him was that on three different occassions he replied that the refund was on its way to me. Each time giving me the Day and Time it was mailed out. In each case it hadn't actually been mailed even though Drew stated it had.
See, now that's a big problem right there. The guys over his head, yada yada yada, I feel for him and I am sure he is overwhelmed - I really do. But, how does one explain this type of behavior then? Come on, that's lying. Makes no sense. That's a big problem that he needs to correct. Saying "I am going to mail it tomorrow" and then failing to do so is one thing but saying "I MAILED IT" when it actually hadn't is entirely another.
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Originally Posted by Sean H
See, now that's a big problem right there. The guys over his head, yada yada yada, I feel for him and I am sure he is overwhelmed - I really do. But, how does one explain this type of behavior then? Come on, that's lying. Makes no sense. That's a big problem that he needs to correct. Saying "I am going to mail it tomorrow" and then failing to do so is one thing but saying "I MAILED IT" when it actually hadn't is entirely another.

Double personality, maybe?
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That's a big problem that he needs to correct.
I know how I plan to correct it. I'll never spend a cent on one of his products.
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TheContrarian- Why expect perfection from DIY'ers

I will preface this by saying -I received a customized Ascent right on time last weekend. It shipped and arrived the day Drew told me it would, and having very little in the way of shipping barriers (international borders- customs and the like) that was expected. The USPS tracking system stinks w/ FedEx & UPS you get real-time info- instead of "updates are made every evening..." but that is cost prohibitive. Lastly, my grandma used to mail me cookies in college in antique metal tins that didn't make it to me because they were considered "suspicious." I can understand what could appear to be a fairly suspect DIY electronics item many have posted on confiscation in airports and the like.
The real questions are:
1.How bad is the problem?
2.Should we Hold DIYs to a higher standard than others?

Tackling number 1.
Lets say Drew exaggerated his amp production and instead of 90-120 amps- err what was it monthly? It is closer to 30. Then lets say we know he has been cranking them out at this rate 30/mo since November when folks began to notice the scheduling issues and continuing until the theoretical end of February (I expect all of us will make it) That is 120 amps in 4 months.
Then, consider the number of posts about problems with amps, cables or anything. I saw 5: exileru, noname, Alea35, biovizer, and Joe_dc. But lets DOUBLE that number to 10 taking into account folks that are too afriad to speak up on an anonymous website- or these 5 can count for all the angry folks in this post that didn't order from Shellbrook but are still just angry. 10/120=0.083% of those theoretical products ordered in the last 4 months having issues. Oops Exileru ordered his amp from Vancouver in September make that 0.075%. These numbers are very conservative and NOT in Drew's favor. We should expect 100% from Drew. But be realistic- issues in <9% of orders is GREAT! Especially when it is likely closer to <3%. Who are the real anal-retentive engineers- the DIY'ers or us? It is easy for a problem to seem bigger than it is in this venue. Not that you shouldn't speak up and be upset. But keep perspective. Especially persons promoting other manufacturers.

Number 2.
In the last 6 months I have received the run-around or just plain frustrating b.s. from:
1. Hecht's Department Store- Damaged a new $800 suit during tailoring 10/2004 "couldn't find another to replace it" and I had to settle for a lessor replacement suit and "free tailoring." Complete B.S. but I have a new job and can't haggle into the summer.

2. Verizon Cellular- They missaplied an online payment to "the incorrect regional billing department" A YEAR AGO! I am still receiving a $230 phone bill and had to take this up with a credit agency. I changed to Cingular and it took THEM 3 months to apply my "Hospital(work) discount."

3. Best Buy-(yeah they stink) Brought back a DVD player that was not working 2 DAYS after I bought it. They "fixed" it within warranty- got it home- was worse. 3 trips later I took a new one off the shelf and was told they "had to keep the old player and attempt to repair it before allowing me to have a new unit." That was 3 weeks ago. I have since bought another DVD player. They can refund me the original as a "return." At every visit the "CUSTOMER SERVICE" line was at least 10 deep.

4. HeadAmp - I considered a Gilmore Lite vs. Shellbrook's Ascent. No email response, no voicemail response. NADA. Do they want to sell amps? Then again maybe they don't respond because they are too busy to work with customers b/c they are building amps. My email/PM is always open to listening to other options.

On the other hand all of my Mac/Apple devices work 99.999% 24/7/365 and when I encounter that 0.0001% (I work alot) it is solved in hours not days.

It is not that I am a pushover- in fact after the first mister nice guy I am quite dogged. If that doesn't get results I sic my wife and s$%t gets DONE.

But why does it appear we hold DIY'ers to a higher standard? They save us tons -don't have huge mark-ups, they don't have supplier back-up- or back up of any kind except the dog. Drew's wife apparently has helped out and in the realm of audiophiles THAT is a Statement to his dedication and need for support. (Sorry Mrs. Drew/Drew)

Everyone else-
Just keep your chin up, keep some perspective, and don't abandon ship just because the deck is wet.

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Drew, if you said you sent the amp out already then proved it by the receipt of shipping. I want to see the receipt. how do i know if after a month then you said some how the amp was disappear like last time. Then i need to **** their and wait for another few month. And let say, if there is something wrong with the tracking number, but the amp should be here soon or already . If it was sent by global mail express.
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well i see drewd posted here, but no comment on my amp? He didnt even sent a reply to my pm's here. The dude should hire some qualified people to help him sort his stuff out, this just isnt working.
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I have still had no response to my PM or email even after drew posted here. Again he states mine was a special case and his fault but he doesn't state why - and I have no idea, other than the excuse he gave me after the original delay of two months at new year. From the posts here it doesn't seem an isolated incidence or special case. As someone stated above, telling someone you are going to dispatch it six times and then not doing it is one thing, but saying it has been dispatched already six times when not having diospatched it is quite another.

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