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I sold Zach one of my tube amps. This was another easy and pleasant transaction. Again he paid promptly and communicated clearly throughout the transaction. I recommend Zach highly. He is both easy to deal with and entertaining to talk to.
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Zach sold me his Sennheiser Cardas cable. Easy to communicate with. Everything was as he described, would be happy to deal with him again.
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I bought Zach's PPA. Wow, what a seller - extremely fast shipping, great communication, and very knowledgable (replies to every single pm). Would buy from Zach again in a heartbeat.
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I made a trade with zach for his AKG 240s. He is a great seller, great communication, great packageing, good shipping. Jsut a great all around seller, would do business with him again without question.
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I bought some op-amps from Zach and I was very impressed with his work; he was very communicative and shipped the parts immediately. I would do business with him any day.
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I bought a Blueberry Audio Emotion+ from Zach. Great amp, well packaged and shipped. I'd highly recommend anyone buy from him without reservation.
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Bought a pair of RS-2s from Zach (grandenigma1) -- great seller. Excellent communication and really fast shipping. I'd definitely buy from him again.
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Bought a used Onix XCD-88 from Zach here, who was expedient in his PM responses. He shipped out the player VERY quickly. Unfortunately, USPS wasn't as fast. Not Zach's fault - he's a great seller!
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Bought a HD600 cable from grandenigma1. Excellent communication and very very fast shipping. Cable arrived in perfect (new) condition (as stated by grandenigma1)... and only took 4 days to Australia!
I would have no hesitation in dealing with Zach again. It was a smooth, effortless transaction. Thanks Zach. Highly recommend!
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I bought some Magwire originals from Zach. Great seller, I had no problems whatsoever. Another asset to the Head-Fi community
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I bought my new eggos from Zach, they're wonderful and the dude is genuinely cool. Definitely a new friend!

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Zach sold me his Vampire IC's. Very happy, wouldn't hesitate to buy from him again.
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Zach sold me his Singlepower PPX after the PPA I bought earlier fried. He let me trade the ppa for the ppx and again his communication and help was outstanding. At this rate I will purchase all my audio equipment from this seller.
Highly reccomended and a great guy to deal with. What a great asset to head-fi.
These people are what make head-fi a great place to be a member of.
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I fixed the aforementioned fried PPA for Zach.
Communications were freindly, witty, prompt and polite.
Payment was instant.
Nice Head-fier to deal with.
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I bought Zach's ported Zeta C-Pads. He's a friendly, prompt, and straightforeward guy to deal with. Great communication throughout our transaction, and I got the C-Pads in excellent time. They were very well packed too! All in all I'm very pleased, and can highly recommend Zach as a top notch seller here on Head-Fi!
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