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HD600 connector project

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My project to offer a DIY replacement connector for the HD600 labors on.the first two prototypes were not well designed and were so ****in' tiny they were almost impossible to work with.The latest design is a full metal connector with crimp pins that push into the connector.I don't have a prototype for this yet but I should by this week.My goal here is to attempt to eliminate the need to butcher a stock cable to gain connectors for DIY cable replacement projects.thanks to everyone who sold me their stock cables and I will keep you informed if/when this ever reaches fruition.
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Hey Fred, that's cool man, will you please contact Stefan AudioArt when you get it figured out? Oh and make sure they don't fall out cheesily like the Cardas, :P.
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Has anybody ever tried to take the cord from an old Grado headphone and putting it on the Senn? Will this screw up the impedance? Just thinking out loud.
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