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back, forward, back, forward,...

so now are you telling me i should care about what direction is recommeded? and if so, should i spend the $50 to get new, unbroken-in ones? ( they also have locking ends.)
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Be careful hooking interconnects up in the wrong direction. If you do this, you're likely to send the music signal the wrong way. It could get back out through the power cable and into your house wiring, and you'd hear music at odd times, such as when you opened the refrigerator.
Dude, I was on the floor!!

By the way, what happens if you not only turn them around but switch them around? Will that change the phase or something?
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obviously, that would make the music upside down!
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You have it all wrong. When you reverse the cables, it lets you record your thoughts on the CD or vinyl.
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I thought that was the reversed phono input interconnects, but with the speaker cables it turns your speakers into giant sensitive microphones and raises all kinds of Homeland Security issues (and keeps you from going to your "special place") while reducing your monitored daily existence into those prismatic lines you will now find on all of your CDs. And the degree of degradation of the high frequency that you were hearing has to do with the amount of ear wax of whoever's now listening to you and how it gets in the way of the Cantonese records both of you are now listening to. As to passing current in only one direction, some of us have lived long enough to realize we are going to diode (no longer being able to "die young"); once you have lost your resistance to this notion, it no longer serves as an impedance (besides, you're just happy to pass anything in any direction). Other than that, it's "non problemo".
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Originally posted by kwkarth
If electron flow were uni-directional, you would have a diode and you would not like the "sound."
Oh yeah, duh. (In Gilda Radner voice) Never mind.
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I know, for monster brand cable at least, that you follow the arrows because if its backwards, you'll get static because the surrounding cable that eliminates sound impurities needs to be grounded on a certain end.... That could be totally different with your cable though.. monster is cheaper high end cable..
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LOL, Old Pa, that was priceless!
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