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Yeah I got the NS500V a while back and I love it, although I can't make any of the claims Tuberoller is making because I don't have anything to compare it to.

But anyway, thanks for making me feel like I made a smart purchase.
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I also have the 500 and it certainly gives my 333 a run for its money. You can get SACD out of the stereo or 5.1 outputs, but not from the digital outs. You can only get DD, DTS or PCM(48/16 or 96/24). It also has some bass "management" on the 5.1 outputs that is not really half-bad. However, I have not been impressed by multichannel SACD with the exception of the Telarc 1812 and Tubular Bells. I also use it for DVD playback but I use the DAC's in my Outlaw 1050 for DD and DTS. It is also up on a few palates for some modifying. All in all a very nice unit at list price and a steal for what Tubey bought it for. A tip: The chasis is fairly resonant so a nice piece of 1/8" sorbothane with a slab of 3/4" oak on top both decreases cabinet resonance and increases WAF
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two questions: How fast does this player recognise DVD's and CD's, and can it play CD-R's?
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Neruda, check out vcdhelp.com for info regarding what each player can read.
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I'd say it takes about 10 seconds for a CD to start playing after the tray closes. It's not lightning speed but seems fast enough for me.

The NS500V will play audio CD, video CD, DVD video, SACD multichannel (or stereo), CD-R, and CD-RW. I think that covers it.
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cool, thanks.
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I ordered a DVP-NS900 from J&R to compare,they are currently on backorder so that comparison is on hold.
Tuberoller, for a review of the DVP-NS900 check out the latest issue of Stereophile Guide to Home Theater. From what I remember they liked it but it may have been a little bright sounding.
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Update and published review.

In the current issue of The Absoloute Sound there is a very favorable review of this unit that just gushes over the SACD playback and DVD picture performance.It gives very good performance ratings for "redbook" CD playback as well.i think the picture is good,not great,and I think the SACD playback is very good and the CD playback is excellent.

Music Direct has this player advertised in the latest flyer for $165.00.If you pass this up you will really miss out on a great player at a unbelievable price.When you call to order ask what they think about it.

Edit:in that review the reviewer mentions that he actually purchased the unit,this speaks volumes.I will also point out that several of the Musicdirect staff(Rob,Bes,Josh) own this player as well.
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Flyer from AVGuide.com

Here is a link from the article that Tuberoller mentioned. I hope this works.
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Wasn't able to find the player on the Music Direct site. Is that flyer you have for them recent?
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Fuggedaboutit--if tuberoller thinks this player is so great after listening to so much high end stuff, I have no reason to buy anything more expensive for my tin ears and cheapo amp and phones--my source 'upgrade' is decided--NS500V it will be!

I was thinking maybe the XB770 (~$600) but there was a review that said it had poor redbook playback.

edit: did that review says it comes with digital filters for CD too?? How many?? What about SACD?
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FYI: Check out Vans.com for a very good price on this unit.


It's $169.56 and NO shipping charges!!!

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Originally posted by grancasa

Wasn't able to find the player on the Music Direct site. Is that flyer you have for them recent?
It was a mail flyer.I just got it monday.Try calling,the number is on the website.
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I can't stand ordering things over the internet because of the wait. So I went to Best Buy. Actually two of them, but neither had even a display unit. Luckily, there was an Ultimate Electronics next door. They had them for $179. And then they had MY $191.

Just having it hooked up to my stereo (no multi-channel yet) I was amazed. Especially on the Miles Davis track from the sampler. And this is the El Cheapo unit. I can't imagine how nice it must sound on one of their flagship models.

Time to hook up the cans now...BWAHAHAHA!!!
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5 Free DVD's

Looks like Sony is also offering a rebate that gives you 5 free DVD's if you buy the player from an authorized dealer. I just called Vanns.com and Mark there told me they were an authorized dealer. Looks like I'll be getting myself a $170 CD/DVD/SACD player AND 5 free DVD's, if they're DVD's I would be getting anyway, I save almost $100!! To get the rebate information, call the Sony rebate number, 1-888-808-1123.
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